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Moon Knight (Episode 6): Everything We Know About the Post-Credit Scene

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The six-episode Marvel series comes to the end with such a fantastic finale that contains death, restoration, and also the appearance of the long-awaited classic  Marvel Comics character. The finale title ‘Gods and Monsters’  returns with both Marc Spectator and Steven  Grant belonging to the Egyptian afterlife as they have got such a  new balance jointly. Khonshu, is at last freed from his statue thanks to Mark’s wife Layla El-Faouly that once again hit a deal along with Marc to deliver as his avatar until Ammit becomes defeated.

Moon Knight (Episode 6): Scarlet Scarab

Layla rejects the offer of Khonshu to serve him while Marc had in the afterlife. The interesting fact is the strength of the Egyptian god’s avatar is vetted important to constrict Ammit forever,  so temporarily accepted the avatar of Taweret. In this episode she returns as the clad in gold armor with the wings, which means Layla is the superhero  Scarlet Scrab, there is a new twist that comes as a superhero just appeared in Marvel Comics in 1977, and this time the first Egyptian superhero come in the MCU.

Moon Knight Season 2 will happen or not - Marvel Confirmed Accidently -  Daily Research Plot

In the comics, we have seen that the Scarlet Scarab is Dr. Abdul Faoul as the name is very similar to Layla’s father in this Disney+ series. Foul has utilized the strength of the power of the mystical Ruby Scarab and become the protector of  Egypt in the 1940s.

We can say that as the collection of powers of the Moon Knight, Mr. Knight, and Layla come in the new look of the goddess Taweret, Ammit becomes defeated. Marc and Layla just seal that evil goddess inside of such a mortal form of Arthur Harrow. Having such insistence of Khonshu, Marc just completes off  Harrow once and for all, Marc just chooses to spend his life. He now considers the time as Khonshu’s avatar complete and completed the bargain.

Moon Knight (Episode 6): The New Person

The comic book readers become wondered as to when and where Jake Lockley is  goi8ng  to appear as he has set to play a vital part in the character of Moon Knight. This  Disney+  series getting struck that right balance to tease  Jake in both the newcomers for the characters and Marvel comics veterans who also have been waiting to see the final appearance of him. The entire season dropped many hints as there was another identity hiding within the Damaged psyche of Marc that also contain such unexpected blackouts, containing such three faces of Oscar Isaac at the end of the credits with such ignominious, shaking, and shaking sarcophagus in that afterlife.

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At last, we all have introduced worth the identity in the final scene. Harrow is now a   patient in the hospital of Sien Kiewicz Psychiatric Hospital that really feels heavy and gloved the hand on the shoulder. The man that belongs pushes  Harrow on the outside with his wheelchair, at the time while a Guatemalan hymn, and used to dumps him abruptly into the backseat of the luxury car. There is Khonshu who was waiting outside.

Moon Knight' Recap: Episode 6 — Finale Ending Explained, Post-Credits |  TVLine

After Khonshu is delighted that he still has an avatar to give commands, the car divider just cut down to expose the person who has been sitti9ng in the seat of the driver. This is Jake Lockley, that is the third personality of the broken mentality of Marc Spectator and Steven Grant. It reports that Jake reveals no other such hesitation in murdering Harrow. Jake just has driven away and provided such a glimpse of the license plate of the car – SPKTR.

 It’s true that Jake is clearly one of the most violent among the t5hr4ee personalities, and also takes over while the odds are just stacked against Moon Knight and starts unleashing. There is something sinister on him that’s immediately distinct from Marc and Steven.

Moon Knight: Who's Jake Lockley, the surprising reveal of episode 6  post-credits scene? | Marca

Moon Knight (Episode 6): Jake Lockley   

In the language of the series, he is a cab driver, often revealed as a match wearing just a flat cap that’s similar to the one we can able to see on Oscar Isaac in the post-credits scene. He still exists in the harmony along with marc and  Steven and finishes his duty as a defender of travelers in the night.

In Moon Knight (2016) #2 by Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood, Marc  just scribbles such a portrait about the cap-wearing cabbie  along with  the notes “perfect disguise” and  “must clean  the blood off the streets!”

At first, the issue of Moon Knight played by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey who is a  doctor just described four aspects of Khonshu to Marc Spectator. The first one is  tha6t she just tells, who appears ” in your most violent  moments, Khonshu’s vengeful secret aspect, the one  Who Lives On Hearts.” It seems that this like what Jake  Lockley embodies in the Disney+ series. Now it’s very confusing to call him a hero, a villain, or someone else.

Moon Knight Season 2: What we know so far

Moon Knight (Episode 6): Season 2: Renewal Status

 We have not gotten any such official word about the season 2 of Moon Knight on Disney+, but there are such few hopeful signs. There is a tweet on 3rd May from marvel Studios evoking fro the season finale. The producer Sara Gohar told  to, “This is a  story that we have only scratched  the  surface  of.”

The director of Marvel’s series Mohamed Diab just tweeted on 4th May, “We are missing around 1100 amazing people who made this incredible show. Each and every one of you I’ll always come, family. I’ll miss you & has to end at the same point. Goodbye #MoonKnight.”It will not be quite surprising if we see Marc in any of such   MCU in near future.

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