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How to Become a Professional Cricket Bettor in India

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Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally in terms of a large fan base. In India, however, the game is more than just a sport. In fact, cricket fans from the Indian subcontinent alone account for more than 80% of all global followers, and its popularity in the country is continually growing by the day. There has been no other sport in India as revered highly as cricket for years. The sport is often referred to as the country’s religion.

This widespread popularity has undoubtedly played a significant influence on its overall success today. As a result, it’s no surprise that the sport has made waves in the betting market in recent years. Basically, without the emergence of cricket betting in India, it would have been difficult for sports wagering to thrive in the country. Since cricket acclaimed massive popularity in India, betting on sports in the country hasn’t remained the same. Today, cricket betting is prevalent in India, especially with the advent of online wagering sites that have provided a means of circumventing the country’s anti-gambling legislation.

It is one thing to watch cricket and another to wager on it. Betting on cricket is a whole different procedure since not everyone who loves and watches the game can be successful at it. Many individuals wager on sports for various reasons, including enjoyment, entertainment, or additional income. On the other hand, professional betting is a different subject that necessitates a more precise and deliberate approach. It requires more than just guesswork; you must have a plan, a strategy, and, most crucially, a thorough understanding of how wagering works. 


As a result, we will provide some pointers on how to become a professional cricket bettor in India in this post.

Understand the basics of the game

To improve at anything, you must first master the fundamentals; this is the cornerstone of being a professional cricket bettor. How the game is played, how scores are earned, who the favorites to win are, the regulations of the game, etc., are essential to your cricket betting success. Knowing how the game works is crucial because you will be wagering blindly and making ridiculous decisions that will only hamper your chances of winning without it. 

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You can watch multiple IPL games and tournaments to learn crucial facts about cricket, especially if you are a novice. Also, ensure you closely follow important news about the leagues, teams and games from reputable sources to have first-hand information about the latest developments. Although knowing the fundamentals of cricket will not automatically turn you into a professional cricket bettor, it is required to put you on the path to becoming one.

Learn how betting works

As previously said, watching cricket and wagering on it are two very separate things. Being a cricket fan does not imply that you are a professional cricket bettor. You need a fundamental knowledge of how the whole betting arena works because there is a wide range of wagering possibilities. Betting markets range from guessing the winning team, the losing team, whether there would be a draw to predicting the number of the innings runs, best bowler, top batsman, game score, most run-outs, the man of the match, or even the overall winner of the tournament. 

You must also understand how the game odds operate. Often, the favorite to win a match bears high odds due to the low possibility of the event happening and vice versa. Because there are so many different wagering possibilities, understanding the game and how it works can help you develop a strong strategy and determine which option to wager on. However, it is best to stick to basic wagers as a beginner. Betting on One Day International (ODI) matches is an excellent idea since you will know the result of the game within 24 hours.

Perform pre-match research

To make safer decisions, it is essential to thoroughly investigate the cricket teams or players you intend to wager on before doing so. You must research and understand the game, the favored teams, most productive players, each player’s position, injuries, etc. You must also examine the ideas and forecasts of professionals, the weather, and the condition of the pitch where the game will be played. All this knowledge will help you place efficient winning wagers. 

Overall, you need to take extra time to investigate every aspect of the game before placing your wager. While this may be tedious and time-consuming, these minor details can distinguish a skilled and professional bettor from an amateur.

Take advantage of statistics

Statistics are one of the few things that have become a significant element of sports in our day and age. Stats, as they say, don’t lie. They give you accurate information about a team’s and a player’s prior performance. These are vital considerations to keep in mind while placing your wager as a cricket bettor. Therefore, you must remain up to speed on the latest developments, historical records, rivalries, etc. This will allow you to make better-informed decisions and increase your chances of winning. 

Choose a legitimate and reliable bookmaker.

Selecting a reputable bookmaker is the most crucial step because betting on an illegitimate site diminishes your chances of winning before you even begin. Choosing a phony website to wager on is like a system that is rigged against you, as these bookmakers are out to rip naive bettors off their money. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a background check on any bookmaker you want to use before signing up.


To become a professional cricket bettor in India, you must thoroughly understand the game and how betting works. This will help improve your chances of winning. You can find an exciting opportunity to wager on your favorite games by visiting a reputable site such as Parimatch.

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
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