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Mivi Fort S60 Review: A Soundbar that fits into your home perfectly

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  • Great Build Quality
  • Powerful Sound Output
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Multiple Audio Modes
  • Dedicated Remote
  • Integration of FM Radio could be better

Mivi, the audio brand known for its top-quality fully home manufactured product, initiated the soundbar range at the beginning of April this year. They have added to soundbars at the same time – Fort S60 and Fort S100. Apart from the pricing, there are only two differentiators – the sound output and HDMI Arc port.

The Fort S60 soundbar was launched at Rs.2,999 and Fort S100 at Rs.4,999. However, at present, the Fort S60 is available at Rs.3,499. Both the soundbars are available to order from Mivi’s official website and Flipkart.

The Mivi Fort S60 is there with me for over a week now and below is my observation and thoughts on it.

Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review - - 2

In The Box:

  • Fort S60
  • Power Adapter
  • Remote
  • Batteries
  • Paperworks


  • Power Output(RMS): 60 W
  • Power Source: DC Adapter
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Multiple Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, Aux and Coaxial
  • One Remote Control
  • EQ Modes: Movies, Music & News
Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review - - 5

Build & Design:

Mivi’s first soundbar, Fort S60 gets the usual square cylindrical structure having rounded edges. It is entirely made up of plastic and is 80cm in length (2.6 foot approximately). The front side has the mesh and in the centre bottom, the brand logo is nicely placed.

Just to the right side of the branding, there are multiple LED indicators hidden behind the mesh that indicates the power supply to the unit.

Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review - - 6
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Both the seeds are white in colour with some lined textures. I can find the physical buttons like volume up/down, mode change, and input change, on the right side. All the wired input modes, including the power supply, are at the back. Strong wall mounting systems are also added. The rubber pads at the bottom of the bar are also of good quality.

Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review - - 8

The main body has a shiny finish that provides a premium look. Though the front mesh and the white textured sides also contributed to it at the same time.

The remote also comes with a good build and contains all the buttons such as power, audio mode, input modes, volume control, and others.


It’s a 2.2 channel soundbar which means there are 2 main speakers and 2 subwoofers. All together produces 60W of audio output. On top of that Mivi added three audio modes as well. There are Movie Mode, News Mode, and Music Mode. There is a clear separation line between the three modes, thanks to the tuning.

Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review - - 4

The Move Mode provides a balanced output. Starting from the vocals to bass all are at their best range in my opinion.

The News Mode put more stress on the vocals only. All the other parameters are a bit low. Other than the news, this mode is also good for audio stories.

Lastly, the Music Mode enables lots of bass. One can clearly notice the difference while changing the audio mode while playing the sale track. At high volume, the vocules feel down and not so clear to me. However, at mid-volume, this mode could be the best for the bass lovers.

Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review - - 11

Overall, the Move Mode felt the best for me, not only for the movies but also for music and other content. The opinion may vary based on your choice. But the best part is that Mivi is providing options to choose from as per the user’s taste.


In the case of Connectivity also, Mivi provided lots of options. There are Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, Coaxial, and USC-A. For the Fort S100, there is one port extra which is HDMI Arc. I mostly tried Bluetooth connectivity. It’s working smoothly in almost real-time. No drops or lags noticed yet. The range is also good.

Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review - - 7

The input mode needs to change accordingly based on your requirement. It can be done in two ways. If I’m at a reachable distance from the soundbar I can use the side button or if I’m at some distance, the dedicated remote is there. The LED indicators also change based on the input modes.


It’s tough for me to believe that Fort S60 is the first soundbar the company has created. It looks premium, has multiple input modes, come with a handy remote, and the audio output is also great. For hardcore bass lovers, Fort S60 is the best.

People like me, who don’t like bass all the time, have other audio modes as well to set. In my opinion, the soundbar is suitable for all age groups only because of the audio modes. It basically has expanded the user range.

Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review - - 9

Along with all these, Mivi has also managed to control the pricing. Though the Fort S60 was launched at Rs.2,999, the present selling price which is Rs.3,499 is easily acceptable and still, the product provides enough value over the current pricing.

It is available via, which is Mivi’s official website and also via Flipkart.

Buy Link:

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Anupam Modak
Anupam Modak
A CS Engineer and Tech Enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the latest gadgets and tech happenings around the world.


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Mivi, the audio brand known for its top-quality fully home manufactured product, initiated the soundbar range at the beginning of April this year. They have added to soundbars at the same time - Fort S60 and Fort S100. Apart from the pricing, there are...Mivi Fort S60 Review: A Soundbar that fits into your home perfectly

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