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Apex Legends Spin-Off indicates Out of the War Before Season 13

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Apex Legends season 13 comes with exciting warzone updates in this year. In GameSpot’s weekly Hot Drop column there is Jordan Ramee, takes a closer look at Respawn’s battle royale which also gives some additional insight into the game’s evolution by diving deeper into the episodic storyline and also characters.

 While there is a theory like who Octane’s father is along with the second for the last chapter of season 12’s quest that reveals that Eduardo Silva had also died along the years earlier and that has such an imposter also posing him. Now finale of The Perfect  Son has been shown to not be the case.

Apex Legends Dev Teases Season 13 & 14 Legends - Charlie INTEL

It has turned out that Eduardo Silva is mainly Torres Silva, grandfather of Octane. Now  Torres also took the place of his son following the death, and after such close to 100 years old also managed to manage the look of such middle ages man by taking a  special concoction of that Stim that also fed to him along with the cane as he has always been carrying around. Now the latest reveal is soon followed by two more as in expected, and the other is not so much.


Lifeline and Octane start to refuse to see the side of each other. Apex Legends resident with medic found herself alone in her quest for taking down  “Eduardo”. Now she visited Maggie for help and to free her from working along with the freedom fighter for burning down the entire Syndicate even if it taking such violent action. Now it is given that how many legends hate the Syndicate as they do will likely be able to find such a lot of support going forward.

The Perfect Son kicked off with Maggie also warning Lifeline that Octane also would let her down and she also has come crawling with her eventually. It is a nice bit of foreshadowing.  The other reveal, though also established well. It is more surprising.

Apex Legends patch notes: what's new in Season 12 | The Loadout

It is reuniting all of the Syndicate under him, Torres uses along with his majority that also shares for the frontier Corps to transform it into the Syndicate Corps also putting that also an emphasis on the group in bringing the control to various planets. The last Syndicate Corps also seems better than his outfits in terms of the armor and weapons as Octane remarks on the groups also looking like an army. Torres also made Cherisse Che, Lifeline’s mom, into the head group had.

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It is also huge,  provided that Cherisse is a battle profiteer who rose to prominence buying weapons to both the Militia and the IMC at the time of the events of Titanfall and Titanfall 2. She reveals no such interest in running the organization designed to bring peace to a battle-torn pocket of the galaxy. She may want a war for further stuff as her own galaxy. Now she just needs an enemy to fight, and The Perfect Son ends along with Torres giving the hint that he may also have some plans for helping her.

Now it’s still not clear what is exactly on the other side of the conflict as the war would not happen between Outlands and the Core Worlds provided the 20year journey that takes the travel between the two. We are assuming that Torres taking the preparation to go to the battle with the remaining Outlands just beyond the Syndicate space.

Apex Legends Season 13 In-Game Teaser - The Wait Is Over, He's Here -  Newcastle Leaked Abilities - Fortnite Insider

Syndicate, the strongest source of power in Outlands controlling directly the tales of Boreas, Solace,  Tartarus and also overwatching the ruling bodies of  Psamathe, Daea, and also Salvo. There are also a lot of other planets in the  Outlands has been listed as the Fringe Worlds as they will be not under the Syndicate domination. After Subjugate attempting the  Worlds of Fringe by force also could take the lead for evil war within the Outlands mainly along with someone just Maggie acting as a symbol to resist against the Syndicate in the Apex Games.

If  Torres and Cherish are not even leading the Outlands to battle after that they also must need an army for something else. It would be very good to lead into the new Titanfall game, maybe Titanfall but another game that explores to be simmering conflict with the narrow field of view that Apex Legends provides. The one allusion also reveals that  Apex Legends is building towards the latest Titanfall game but there is no such official information to bank the theory.

A big thanks for the source.

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