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Love, Death, and Robots (Volume 3): Netflix  Confirmed  Official Release Date in May 2022

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Netflix at last opened up about  Love, Death and Robots’ volume 3. After the two fantastic volumes that literally create a  whirlwind in the world of animation from the teams behind Love,  Death & Robots, now it is the third time as it is on the way to Netflix in May 2022.

The brand new experimental animated show coming from the executive producer David  Fincher whose works are already appreciated in the entire world, and along with him there is  Tim Miller, and more like Jennifer Yun.

The latest series is definitely one of the most unique and definitely one of the experimental shows on Netflix and also reveals such short stories in several animation forms. The first volume came on Netflix in March 2019 with 18 episodes with the second volume is set to launch in mid-May 2021 with a short 8-episode  volume.

 Now, along with the second-volume trailer, Netflix declared that the work was already under continuation for a  third volume that is due to drop in 2022. the credits go to the release of the teaser trailer  that we  have  been  confirmed  as the volume  3 of Love, Death & Robots  set to come on Netflix  on 20th May 2022 on Friday,

It also even confirmed before the timer e that the third volume will come with 8  episodes. There is still no such current mention about what studios are exactly working on in volume 3 of Love, Death & Robots. You also can bet that  Blur  Studio which has provided the principal studio will be coming back. They also produce three of the eight episodes in volume 2.

Love, Death, & Robots( Volume 3): Expectation

There is some natural prediction about volume 3. First, we can tell you that you should go such expectati0on about the unexpected. Every single episode thus far also delivers a  huge spread of tackles and themes along with volume 2 mainly delivering some more philosophical appearances.

After  talking   with IGN, Tim Miller said that there  is  still plenty  of  room  for  innovating and  telling, “There are some interesting  things  that we can of that  are not  so narrative-driven that I wou8ild   love  to  do, but I also  don’t  to lose  our focus on the  narrati8vbve if  we do that.”

love death and robots volume 3 picture 1

 Tim Miller, Jennifer Yuh, David  Fincher, and  Jermon Den jean spoke about the  Annecy  Film Festival in June  2021 and also talked about the process that has been visited in making volume  2 of the series.

The Millar also teased volume  3 as they are saying: “We have got volume 3  coming out, very soon” adding,” I could not be more excited about the stories we have there. There is a big surprise for everybody.  There is one  of  which you already  know which is  another instalment of  those three  crazy robots.”

Now Miller also confirms about John Scalzi will be involved in the second episode.  It is still not clear whether  Philipp Gillett also will come to write, this  givi9nf g such indications that Josh  Brenner, Gary  Anthony Williams, and Chris Pernell also come for the voice K-VTC, XBOT 4000, and The Cat.


Love, Death, & Robots( Volume 4): Renewal Status

It is unfortunate the show has not even moved beyond vol 3 officially. After the release in  2022, Miller also stated that there are a lot of tales to continue the series.  In an earlier interview  with IGN, Miller  said that they,”  have  enough  stories, and ideas to get started  on a fourth  volume” adding” we can get even better  stories and  also can be given to0 the people  more of what  that they  want is a huge run ride”,

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