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Here is the list of Every Square Enix Games Under Development

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The journey of Square and Enix was started in 2003 as the two incredible video games publishers, Square and Enix force jointly and reveals classic RPG series like the Final Fantasy and  Dragon Quest under the same roof. After two decades, those franchises left two such bases of Square Enix on which it has such built-in diversity along with that ever-expanding portfolio of the gaming.

In between the new release and unexpected announcements, 2022 has already going to be a memorable year of Square: Triangle Strategy and Stranger of Paradise are the two of the year’s best games. On the other side, Kingdom Heart 4 also become years of most surprising gaming declarations.

As more promising projects are on the horizon, there are many Square games that are under development that provide you a  full image of what’s to come in the next months and years ahead. In this list, we have contained games that are under development for consoles and PC.

A new Tomb Raider game is in development in Unreal Engine 5 | GamesRadar+

14. New Tomb Raider        

Crystal Dynamics announced in the Epic’s  State of  Unreal event about starting off their work on the iconic game series Tomb Raider and also confirmed it will smoothly run on Unreal Engine 5. On working latest Tomb Raider with “just Started”  the makers revealed at the time of description. It was discussed that Crystal Dynamics has such belief that Unreal Engine 5 may help the  developers to  uncover  the “next-level storytelling  and  gameplay experience.”

13. Kingdom Hearts 4

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At the series of  20th Anniversary events, Kingdom Hearts 4  had been revealed. It is true that Square Enix has given a big surprise to Kingdom Hearts fans. There is no platform release date /window for Kingdom  Hearts 4 to be revealed, it reveals such a  glimpse of Sora in the upcoming world of Quadratu,  with a  quick look at gameplay, and also at the ending the tease has been finished along with Donald and Goofy.

The new glimpse that was revealed an art style that matches very much with the last games, but it is a much more relisting look at this time. Square Enix also has confirmed that the game is now under development, and the wait may be the tough one.

The new footage starts in a  forest and after that, it reveals the transitions in the large city. Sora has also been seen to be waking up in the apartment, and after that, the trailer reveals Strelitzia a  character that first appears in Kingdom Hearts Union X.

It reveals all of those peaceful for a moment getting a threat that manifesting in the sky that also resembles a massive heartless.

Square Enix Reveals New Final Fantasy XVI Art And Story Details - Game  Informer

12. Final Fantasy 16

This game is also one of the Square Enix development games. The game will come on PS5 exclusively, the latest Final Fantasy has just been moved away from that sci-fi aesthetic of Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 reveals the remake and toward something rooted very deep into the fantasy. Square Enix already announced the completion of basic development and scenario production. Square reveals the story and English voiceover week was close to complete in July 2021.

The story is set in Valistha that is a  land of six realms stubbed along with colossal mountains that are glittering with a crystal called  Mothercrystals.  It features a trio of protagonists as Clive, Joshua, and Jill, The director of Final Fantasy  14 director  Naoki Yoshida serves as the producer.

11. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2

The modification on Part 2 of Square’s multipart Final Fantasy 7 Remake has underway. In just three months after releasing part 1 in April 2020. Square also confirmed that also had been entered along with complete development on to the sequel. The remake in some way also belongs to the story of the original  Kitase said that the story is not different drastically and moving forward.

The story of the original FF& reveals the departure from Midgar one of the solid narrative details as we have the second part as the villain  Sephiroth plays such a major role. FF7  also came on PS5 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade in middle  2021.

Dragon Quest Treasures Game Announced by Square Enix

10. Dragon Quest Treasures

Additionally,  the HD-2D remake and the latest core Dragon Quest game, Square Enix is also developing a spinoff named Dragon Quest Treasures. It is known little like  Treasures behind its premise, now it is basically a treasure hunting  RPG  featuring childhood versions of Dragon Quest 11’s Mia and Erik.

9. Dragon Quest 12: The  Flames of fate                       

The game is officially declared along with DQ 3 HD-2D Remake in May  2021. When there are neither any platforms nor a release of the window also exposed. The creator of the series Yuji Horii also worked on every Dragon  Quest game along with the franchise’s 35-year history that once again involved along with Dragon Quest 12. Horii reveals that the flames of Fate also become darker in the tone than in the last Dragon Quest games.

Dragon Quest 3 Is Being Remade in the Style of Octopath Traveler

8. Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake

The first of the three console or PC dragon Quest games was declared as part of the series along with the 35th-anniversary celebration in an HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest 3 This game is basically the second  HD-2D game Square under development that is following Live a Live re-release.

7. Valkyrie Elysium

This game is basically another action RPG belonging to Square. There is also a new entry into the publisher’s long-running Valkyrie series. After the thematic and gameplay that ties with the series previous games along with Elysium. The story is also set in the distant past in a world from where Ragnarok at the End Times looming large upon the realms.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Announced for PC and Consoles Next Year -  State of Play October 2021 - IGN

6. Star Ocean: The Divine Source

This latest Star Ocean is generally the latest entry into the Square’s 25-year-old action  RPG franchise as the first from  2016 Integrity and Faithlessness. The game features space captain Raymond and the crown princes Laeticia along with the individual that is not connected with the narratives.

5. The DioField Chronicle

The game was exposed at the PlayStation state of Play. It allows new tactical RPG. The latest IP already combines such classic and real-time strategy gameplay along with modern-3D art and animations. The new game has been composed by Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell known for their work on Game of Thrones.

Forspoken' was almost written by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson

4. Forspoken        

In Los Angeles at The Game Awards, the latest new trailer of Square Enix’s Forspoken has come up. It seems that Frey is certainly started her work cut out for her in the brand new trailer. She has just been pulled very abruptly into the world of Athia, and also the place has been seemed to be falling apart on the basis of the account of spreading corruption, and it is just like zombifying whatever it has touched. 

In this game, you will find bears, people, wolves, and just about each of the living in Athia have been also been seeming to be warped and has been corrupted to some degree.  She has not too many friends. On this council, everyone just has it on her mainly that crazed leader having such the gold headdress and also the concerning toothy smile.

At some point, it seems that Frey will get some cool magic. In the trailer alone she has been surfing and double jumps on the board of ice, wields fiery spears and swords, and also has been utilizing the invisibility to sneak by the corrupted bears, and has been stabbed the dude in the head with the lightning dagger just before the dispensing with the subtlety and also zapping each and everyone around her. She has got a water eye, a  rock Gatling gun, levitation, and if she has nothing else then definitely the universe will be kitted her out for this otherworldly adventure.

This game has been launched right around six months from now on PC, and PS5 like a  console exclusive. Now, Frey is herself the protagonist also with the lead writer Gary Whitta for the more.

3. Front Mission  Remakes

This time Square and Nintendo are collaborating on the remakes of Front Mission 1st  and Front Mission 2 like the first two entries in tactical Squares’ tactical JRPG series. The story is set in  2090 in a  world where the armies employ such od giant robots named  Wanzers for battling The latest remake features a  modern model with improved controls.

Live a Live Release Date Information

 2. Live a Live

This game is  Japan’s exclusive SNES RPG belonging to 1994 and also coming to the west for the first  jkti9me in July. Now the western release also has been overhauled along with graphically Square’s signature with HD-2D style that adds  3D effects into the backgrounds. The game reveals about seven characters unique stories and features seven different protagonists and periods, that also span prehistoric times.

1. The  Centennial Case: A Shijima Story

This game is mainly the latest drop from Square Enix as a live-action mystery game directed by Koichiro lto that also previously worked as a scenarios manager on Metal Gear Solid 5. The players also going to solve the case of four murders tied as a  single ill-fated family along with each of the cases set during the several eras in Japan.

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