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Why Laptop Is Not Connecting With Mobile Hotspot?

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When it comes to Internet access, hotspots have transformed our freedom. Your newfound independence can be severely curtailed if you experience frequent hotspot connection problems, including disconnections or a complete lack of service.

If you’ve encountered a hotspot authentication difficulty or need to perform some hotspot diagnostics, do the following before attempting any of the solutions provided below on how to join hotspot to pcs or how to attach hotspot to laptops:

Make sure there is no network outage in your location by contacting your internet service provider.


A link on each service provider’s coverage map page provides access to this information from AT&T to T-Mobile to Verizon to Sprint. It’s important to keep your devices up-to-date with the most recent software upgrades. Connectivity is one of the numerous problems that these updates aim to fix.

You should first check your device handbook and follow the instructions for updating the phone before troubleshooting hotspot connection problems that may save a lot of time.

What You Need to Know About Your Laptop’s Connection To a Hotspot

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Problems with hotspot connectivity are as ancient as hotspots. The hotspot’s internet connection and the communication connecting your laptop and the wireless are critical to your internet experience. Locating an Internet hotspot is the most popular solution. Your precise location about the cell tower of your carrier. It’s possible that your hotspot isn’t in communication with the tower if your device and hotspot are connected, but you still can’t access the Internet.

A clear line of vision to the tower is required for cellular communications to work. The obstacles between the hotspot and the cell tower can absorb or deflect cellular signals. Obstacles to a good cellular connection include things like trees, buildings, and other structures in the way. Your home’s construction components can also act as a deterrent. In general, the wood structure is better at transmitting Internet signals to your wireless hotspot.

It’s more difficult to work with metal and concrete. Switching your hotspot to the side of your property closest to a cell tower may help improve your Internet connection. Trial and error is the only way to find the optimum place to obtain the best reception. The higher you can get the hotspot, the better the signal.

Notes of Importance

Connecting your laptop to a network adapter is one of the simplest ways to see if your laptop has major hardware problems. If the laptop cannot establish an Ethernet connection, it is possible that the modem card or driver is to blame. This problem needs to be addressed before connecting with your mobile WiFi device. Originally, we wondered why the computer couldn’t connect to the hotspot, but the answer is the same if you say, “Why won’t my hotspot join to my computer?” A WiFi connection connects your laptop and hotspot.

When a WiFi hotspot generates a radio frequency, laptops and other devices can receive it. 2.4 GHz is the default frequency for WiFi communications, while some newer gadgets and WiFi routers offer the 5 GHz option. Even while data can be moved more quickly using 5Ghz, the signal is less reliable than 2.4 GHz. 2.4Ghz has a greater range and is easier to penetrate.

As a general rule, WiFi hotspot ranges can be anywhere from 100 to 150 feet and indoors up to twice that outside. Your MacBook or laptop may not connect to your hotspot if you use the 5Ghz channel; instead, switch to the 2.4Ghz channel.

Using a Hotspot to Connect a Computer or a Mac

To access your hotspot’s settings menu, you must first enter the settings menu. “Settings” might be a better term. Another option is that your hotspot has a WiFi icon or the word WiFi on the home screen that you can click on. If in doubt, consult the user’s guide. Here, you’ll find a place to set your WiFi SSID (the name that appears when you search for WiFi on your laptop) and password.

You will name and pick a password for your hotspot if it has a 5Ghz band. If you’re using a hotspot, you may be able to toggle on or off and specify a username and password for guest WiFi. For both your primary and guest WiFi, you should be able to adjust the number of users, and some routers allow you to create several SSIDs.

Tips & Tricks for Troubleshooting Computer Problems

Things aren’t broken just because your hotspot is connecting or your Windows laptop won’t connect to your hotspot. Most WiFi devices will experience connection problems from time to time. Do not despair if you have received a “Not Connected to the Internet” notice, a hotspot login error, or if your browser windows do not open correctly.


It’s easy to set up and keep track of a hotspot. There are more complex settings that you may use to increase your hotspot’s performance when it comes to fixing hotspot troubles. Your hotspot’s menus and functions should be familiar to you at all times. You may learn about hotspot performance optimization and hotspot troubleshooting in user forums. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to call your technical support for help.

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