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London Files: Arjun Rampal finding the Solution of Mysterious Case Outside that Maybe Hidden Inside

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Voot Select has dropped the teaser trailer of Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli’s featured new thriller web series, ‘London Files’. The action thriller web series has completed its shooting in the United Kingdom and reveals true private investigator combat in his own evil at the time of finding out a child who had been missing for a few time. Arjun Rampal has been returned to the OTT platform through this new series. The last time we have seen him was in the web series  Nail Polish.

London Files Trailer: Arjun Rampal plays a homicide detective in an  investigative thriller | Web Series News - knownews

London Files: Plot

The short one-minute teaser of the series dropped on the streaming service the YouTube Channel of Voot Select. It starts with the introduction about a jaded-looking  Arjun who is a detective named Om Singh who has been forced to take on the case based on the disappearance of  Amar Roy aka Purab Kohli’s daughter.  In this series, Amar is mainly a controversial figure due to their support of a draconian anti-immigration bill. The teaser depicts a  short glimpse that  Purab is slapping a woman and also hints that he might be who he seems.

London Files Trailer – Latest News Information updated on April 13, 2022 |  Articles & Updates on London Files Trailer | Photos & Videos | LatestLY

After that, the trailer reveals  Arjun who has got such hints based on a deeper mystery of the secret embedded in the disappearance and we also can see the motive with a  curved snake has appeared randomly. As Arjun Rampal continues the investigation the darker secrets come into the light and that brings a strange threat to unveil the dark secrets and the suppressed past of Om.

Arjun has continued his investigation as the text on the screen has evoked the story of the lies,  mysteries, and also secrets. The teaser ended with the back looking at the map of London.

London Files: Trailer

The trailer starts with a mental health problem of Arjun as he is chattering while he does not take his medicines then he starts to begin to see something and after that, the trailer reveals that Arjun Rampal is standing alone in a forest full of tall trees but it just his hallucination actually he is standing infront of pencil sketches of woods stick into the walls, he also hears something’s, and he loosed his self-confidence, his mental state becomes bad to worst and that makes him crazy.

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At the first meeting of Amar Roy, he has to face the question he is all right for the investigation, but by coming under the pressure of the media he takes on the case. After that Amar Roy becomes dead and  Arjun Rampal wants to collect his DNA sample of him.

The strange thing is revealed in the teaser that the daughter of Amar Singh had been disturbed by something bad that is very hard to accept. On the other side, one woman says that they can be happy families. As well as the investigation continues it is going to reveal a mystery that would create chaos that comes from silence.

London Files trailer out: Arjun Rampal plays a dopey detective- Cinema  express

Now the lady investigator confirms that this is the cause that the antagonist wants to create and there is the chance that the whole of London city can be burnt. Arjun Rampal like relates his son with all the cases and he also has doubts that someone is hiding the truth. The truth has been dealt with instead of money with a man. In this entire investigation, there will be many compromises. The trailer ends with many such mysteries, protests, fighting, and secrets.

London Files: Cast

The new series features  Sapna  Pabbi, Medha Rana,  Gopal Datt, Sagar Arya, and Eva  Jane EWills. The show is directed by Sachin Pathak and made by  Jar Pictures. The series contains six episodes.

London Files: Release Date

The new series will premiere on 21st April on Voot Select.

Here is the trailer:

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