Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Intel announces huge $3B factory expansion in Oregon

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Intel’s Roller Acres complex in Hillsboro, Oregon, has opened a $3 billion industrial expansion. It’s also renaming the campus after Gordon Moore, Intel’s cofounder. Intel will be able to increase its manufacturing with an additional 270,000 square feet of space thanks to the development of the D1X factory. According to corporate leaders, this will help the company stay on the bleeding edge of manufacturing technology.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke at a ribbon-cutting event attended by senior government officials and community leaders about the company’s good impact in Oregon and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to U.S. leadership in semiconductor research and development (R&D). This is critical in a world where, as a result of the Ukraine conflict, it is critical to have domestically produced technologies and industry. In Oregon, Intel produces a wide range of microprocessors.

Intel announces huge $3B factory expansion in Oregon

Intel has given the almost 500-acre complex a new name: Gordon Moore Park at Roller Acres

The new name honors the site’s pivotal role in advancing Moore’s Law, Intel cofounder Gordon Moore’s 1965 forecast that has driven semiconductor progress for more than 50 years.


Gordon Moore Park is home to Intel’s global Technology Development organization, which is in charge of furthering Moore’s Law by developing new transistor architectures, wafer processes, and packaging technologies that underpin the company’s product roadmap and serve as the foundation for applications ranging from personal computers to cloud infrastructure to 5G networks.

In 1996, Sanjay Natarajan, Intel’s senior vice president of Logic Technology Development, was one of the first employees on the Roller Acres facility. The 450-acre campus is nearly the same size as downtown Portland.

Intel announces huge $3B factory expansion in Oregon

Intel’s silicon process engineering group employs 10,000 people, the majority of whom are based in Hillsboro. Intel employs 22,000 people in Hillsboro, spread over four locations.

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Engineers and scientists at the campus have faced — and solved — the obstacles offered by physics as the features on a chip drop to the size of atoms during its 25-year history, according to Intel.

Intel has regularly developed essential process advancements to keep pace with Moore’s Law, such as high-k metal gate technology, tri-gate 3D transistors, and strained silicon. It had some problems a few years ago, and it lost a lot of ground to rivals like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which makes chips for Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia. Gelsinger has promised to reclaim the lead by 2025.

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