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Top 10 Rom-Com Movies of 2022 on Netflix that definitely will high your Dopamine level

Top 10 Rom-Com Movies of 2022 on Netflix that definitely will high your Dopamine level

Now, the pandemic situation is under control and many Netflix movies completed their shooting in 2022. We are like to inform you that the bag of Netflix is already overloaded with many romantic comedy films, so Netflix released many romantic comedy movies from  January to April 2022.

We are also expecting in the coming months there will be many romantic comedy movies coming to rock on Netflix. We have made a list of romantic comedy films released in 2022.

Here is a list of the top 10 romantic-comedy movies on Netflix  in 2022:


10. The Lost City

This film is Netflix’s one of the best romantic comedy movies. The film reveals the reclusive Loretta Sage who has written about such exotic places in her popular adventure novels that covers a handsome cover model named Alan Loretta who has been getting kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire who still hopes that she can lead him to an ancient city’s lost treasure.

In Good Hands' Netflix Review: Stream It or Skip It?

9. In Good Hands

This 2022’s new romantic comedy film has been diagnosed along with terminal illness, it is about a  single mother who has encountered a  suave bachelor as she grappled with the future of her headstrong six- years old.

Kalidas' Backpackers is inspired by a true story | Malayalam Movie News -  Times of India

8. Backpackers

The romantic comedy film reveals the opposite lives of a  workaholic architect and also contains such fiery artists also upended while there is a chance to encounter breathtaking Peru shifting the views on life. The film features Stephanie Cayo and Maxi Iglesias.

Sex Appeal Review: An Endearing and Unpredictable Coming of Age Film |  Tell-Tale TV

7. Sex Appeal

The film is a mixture of spices like romance and comedy. The story is based on Avery who is a teenager having a  tendency to maintain perfectionism, enlists her friend Larson for helping her rime along with her long-distance boyfriend.

Tall Girl 2 release date, trailer and more about Netflix sequel

6. Tall Girl 2

The story of the film reveals Jodi’s newfound confidence and also her popularity. After getting the support of her boyfriend, friend, and family and finally land at the lead role in the school’s musical with her worst t enemy in the second instalment and voice inside her head makes them believe in her fears and also her insecurities.

The newfound popularity intensifies insecurities with the new relationships formed from the old ones that are tested. This world is building the starts to crumble around her, Jodi feels that she needs to stand tall and that was only just the beginning.

The Royal Treatment Movie Review: Mena Massoud, Laura Marano-starrer  belongs in the bottom of the pi- Cinema express

5. The Royal Treatment

The story of the romantic comedy film revolves around the New York Saloon owner and also the hair guru Isabella, and also about the fictional prince of the fictional Lavania, Thomas. We will see Isabella as a confident stylist who has not been shying away from the telling about how it is actually,  she always has given her honest opinion no matter how much harsh it would be. Another side Prince Thomas has been stuck for doing everything for his family and asking him that is following him in the arranged marriage, while he does not feel anything for his bride to be.

The entire things become upside down the while Isabella and also her two best friends and coworkers have given the chance for travelling to Lavania for working at the royal wedding. From coming to the dreamy location to larger than life castle, Isabella just has met the prince and also the two of them who have the immediate chemistry, throughout the rest of the movie. It shows that the duo is dancing along the line of platonic friendship and also about such the romantic interest like they also must make the decision whether they follow theirs hears the familial duty.

Moonshot' Review: Found in Space - The New York Times

4. Moonshot

The new Warner Bros film also shared the trailer of the latest  Sci-fi romantic –comedy of Moonshot. It seems that the tune of Bazzi’s “Paradise”  to BTS  and also has been Coldplay’s to be collaborating single with “My Universe”  also playing in the background with the trailer starts with Sophie explaining the relationship between her and her boyfriend  Calvin to Walt. After Sophie has been decoded to join the Mars program to collaborate with her partner, Walt sneaks onto the same space shuttle. While he pleads with Sophie to keep his dreams of going to Mars alive then the newfound feeling starts to spark in the universe.

It also reveals the first look of the on-screen chemistry between the pair as their characters start to fall in love as they start to head onto the red planet. It’s true that it is their first film working together, Spouse and  Condole are also no strangers to the romantic film category. Now Spouse has previously played the lead role in the romantic drama  Five  Feet Apart while Condor has been led Netflix’s  To All the Boys I’ve Loved  Before franchise like how the stars will align for them.

Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson Get Married in 'Marry Me' Trailer - Variety

3. Marry Me

The story of the film is based on Jennifer Lopez’s “Marry Me”. It is a romantic comedy that follows Lopez as Kat and also a music superstar who has married a  complete stranger at the time of the concert after she has found out that her boyfriend Bastian is cheating on her. The trailer also reveals the pair that is seemingly falling in love and although the arrangement is just only supposed to be the last for the three months.

The teaser that Lopez has shared with all of the fans on Instagram contains the actress who is singing a track called “On My Way” with the caption reading, “Every heartbreak was a yellow brick road. There are also two other songs that are filmed “Pa Ti”, and “Lonely” that Lopez and Maluma have recorded jointly for the soundtrack of the film.

Netflix Greenlights Sequels Of Popular YA Film 'A Través De Mi Ventana' (Through  My Window)

2. Through My Window

The story of the film reveals a classic love story that is involving with two neighbours, Raquel and Ares. It seems that Raquel has always been gazed out from her bedroom window, and also set to pinning after her attraction and it has been out seemingly of her league neighbour as he has been going out his daily life.

As she has been putting it about the two are belong from completely different worlds, and also from the other than to the next-door neighbours, now their entire paths do not cross again until one night when Raquel just catches Ares for such pirating of her network that he has been fired back to telling her about her window watching that has not been any of the discreet, and then he comes to know about what she has been up to.

Sparky has been flown a the time of their confrontational meeting and very soon it becomes a game of cat and mouse.

I Want You Back' Romcom Trailer Stars Jenny Slate, Charlie Day - Variety

1. I Want You Back

The story of the film follows the current dumped Peter and Emma who are strangers and unintentionally meet and has a bond over the sharing heartbreak. It has been terrifying that both of the exes have been moved and the two the bond become together to break up the new relationships and also to win back them. Not to get caught in their scheme, Peter handles the old flame of Emma Noah when Emma aims at Anne who was their ex-girlfriend of Peter. In the trailer Day’s Peter states “It’s like Cruel Intentions,” and he also added, “ Only Sexier.”

It seems that this film is marking the first appearance of the Day in a lead role in a romantic comedy. In an interview with CBS Mornings, Day expressed his desire to play such a role and stated,” I think any actor wants to stretch a little bit. Obviously doing it’s Always Sunny for fifteen seasons, I’ve been doing one thing over and over again. I’m happy to do it, I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I also wanted to stretch. I wanted to try the Billy Crystal thing.”

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