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Need For Speed Insider Opens Up about Launching Updates of New Next-Gen Game

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Need for Speed of the most popular car racing game. If you have played before the game then you may know the excitement of the gamers. The lubdub in your heart when you have reached the top speed, and there is a turn infront of him. We will like to update you that the racers should get ready once again as the new Need for Speed game is in development. The main secret is the release date of the racer giant. The developer Criterion and publisher EA still have not leaked a single word about the facts. We can confirm one thing this game focus on both things.

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Need For Speed Insider Opens Up about Launching Updates of New Next-Gen Game

Jeff Grubb though Giant Bomb unveils the game is on the track to drop this year, with more specifications, thus November. The last Need for Speed game, Need for Speed  Heat had been released on the 8th of November, so we are not even surprising after getting their release date in November, the fact that will definitely surprise that the game will come just for the current-gen that say, it may not launch the version for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

Grubb said, “ Need for Speed is still coming this year. That game should be coming in November, and I  suppose if you are a  need Speed fan who also has bought a next-gen console, here’s some good news…it’s next-gen only. They are  shifting  to next-gen only  got it,”

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Grubb revealed some words that he has heard about the game a may be set in Miami and maybe more just like Need for Speed  Underground.

Grubb said,” There are rumors about what the setting is that I’ve heard…it’s hard to pin down if these are for sure or not… I’ve heard stuff like Miami, which makes me think maybe they will go an underground rule. That could be leaps of logic I’m making,”

Grubb also confessed that he has been wrong. As for EA and Criterion and they also have not said a single peep about the latest reports yet and we don’t expect this for changing.

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