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How Will Metaverse Change The Sports Industry In The Next Decade?

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We have seen during the pandemic that many tournaments have faced a great loss in ticket sales, and many tournaments have been canceled due to a lack of audience engagement. Here, platforms like Metaverse are needed to create a virtual place to enjoy the matches and solve the problem of not going to the stadium to experience live tournaments.

Meta is planning to launch a virtual 3D world that will be very close to the real world and will have all landmarks that exist in the real world. It is a revolutionary idea that is going to change the sight of the people where people can meet and hang out with their friends and family who are far away from them. Many live events are going to happen in Metaverse that we are unable to attend and experience the shows while sitting at home.

It is also going to change the sports industry in the next decade and experience the full match live on the ground. Sports organizations can engage with the virtual audience that will be available in the Metaverse.


Let’s see how a virtual world (equivalent to the real world) could be possible and what are factors support this dream. Also, we will see how the Metaverse would change the world of the sports industry within a decade.

Metaverse: Ready to Change Sports Industry

Better Viewing Experience

Watching a match on a TV or on your mobile phone is becoming old-fashioned, and spending money to go to the stadium can be a little expensive. So, Metaverse can change the way of watching the match by creating a 3D environment in such a way that you will experience the match as if you are sitting on the ground. This becomes popular across many players in Asian counties.

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Though it will be an empty stadium, the audience will be connected through Metaverse, who will be watching the match while sitting at home and will be present in the virtual stadium. There will be no loss of ticket sales due to any other pandemic which will be happening in the future, and the audience will be attending the event online.

Taking Part In Tournaments In The Virtual 3D World

We can see so many players who are unable to attend the tournament just because they are far away from the place, and some of them don’t get permission from their parents. Due to this, they are unable to explore their talents and even know anything about them.

No talents will be wasted as the Metaverse will arrive in this world where events can be organized in the virtual world, and the players will get the chance to showcase their talents directly from their homes.

Many big brands like Adidas are doing the same thing to promote the new ways of organizing the tournaments. The sources say that a sportswear company Adidas is collaborating with crypto Metaverse. However, there aren’t any official reasons that have been revealed yet behind the cause of collaboration. Maybe tournaments will be organized in the Metaverse, and cryptocurrencies will be the mode of deposition to attend the match.

Increase Ticket Sales

We have seen many empty stadiums during the covid-19 pandemic, and the industry had to suffer from the crisis of not collecting revenue even to organize a tournament and faced a great loss.

Let’s take the example of the Indian Premier League 2021 that was happened in UAE, and then also we have seen a stadium with no grounds. This happened because the whole country was under lockdown, and there were restrictions to travel overseas. Metaverse concepts can solve this problem.

There will be no need to go to the stadium to watch the match and spend money on travelling. Rather than it will create a virtual 3D environment, the audience can attend the live match straight away from home, and there is no need to travel from one place to another to just watch a single-day match.

It may cause an increase in the sale of the tickets as per the audience required, and as being the virtual world, the spaces can be increased when the audience increases. It will directly benefit the country’s economy where the event will be organized.

More Players Can Involve In Learning Various Sports 

Many people are keen to learn a new sport, but they are unable to do so because they don’t find any coaching that could teach them properly, and the small town suffers the most, so they can’t go to the international sports institute where they will get better training by a professional coach.

This problem can be solved by Metaverse as it allows you to enter the virtual world with a 3D environment where you can get coaching from well-known sports institutes and from very experienced coaches around the world. These players have no need to leave their houses and get the training just being at home.

This will bring a great change in the way of training, and more and more players will participate in the well-known institute. It will give the chance to explore more talents around the world and can participate virtually in the tournaments through a metaverse. This will, directly and indirectly, boost the economy of the sports industry and improve the level of sports in the world.

Final Verdict

We can see many games going online, and it seems possible that the sports industry will also cross the limits through the Metaverse. Sbobet, one of the leading bookmakers, is also looking towards Metaverse and new opportunities this technologies can provide. There are so many opportunities waiting for the players as well as for the sports industry to explore more and grow as other industries are growing in this world. This is going to be the future of the world where every single tournament will be organized on a metaverse where more and more audiences can engage in the game and encourage the players who have participated in the tournament.

Additionally, there will be no loss in ticket sales, and sponsorships will get easier. The events will be organized in a cost-efficient way as there will be no need to attend the match at the physical location. Overall the stadium maintenance cost will be minimized from the budget, which will ultimately help raise the sports industry by adopting Metaverse.

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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