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Graphics cards prices are now selling at their lowest in a year

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According to data compiled by, Nvidia and AMD graphics card costs are at their lowest levels in over a year. If you’re looking to buy one of the top graphics cards on the market right now, the costs are the lowest they’ve been since early 2021, according to the source. Furthermore, according to today’s report, average MSRPs dropped by a whopping 25% from the beginning to the end of March. By some strange coincidence, the average amount of GPU price above MSRPs has now risen to 25%. GPUs were frequently >80% higher than MSRPs only a quarter ago.

Unless your area has a unique trading system, is under sanctions, or is otherwise closed off from free commerce, the data we’re discussing today applies to the EU graphics card industry. However, the same tendencies should be noticed as an indication of what could happen in most world regions. In its analysis, 3DCenter compares the various AMD and Nvidia SKUs to pricing and availability in European merchants.

3DCenter has tracked Nvidia’s average pricing through time in green, and AMD’s average pricing in red, as shown in the graph above. Currently, Nvidia and AMD prices are similar in terms of how much they are overvalued. With greater supply, it’s reasonable to anticipate that all suppliers will have less leeway in overpricing, which is why they’ve lined up. The most significant deviations between the green and red lines occurred in May when buyer price was at their lowest.

Graphics cards prices are now selling at their lowest in a year

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Meanwhile, the availability levels (shown by a dashed blue line) appear to be excellent. When you combine this statistic with the fact that prices are lowering, there’s every reason to expect that graphics card buyers will be rewarded for their patience with even lower pricing. If the current trend continues, we could be looking at MSRP pricing for all graphics card brands and models by the end of April.

According to 3DCenter, the recent price cut has not resulted in a flood of purchasers. There’s no urgency to buy the remaining equities after a year of waiting for better prices. Many PC DIYers are believed to be holding out for better pricing after waiting so long. PC fans and gamers are also likely to wait for the next generation. And we’re not only talking about Ada and RDNA3 GPUs; Intel Arc is on the way, and AMD is rumoured to be working on a Radeon RX 6000 series upgrade for April.

Some GPUs are already being offered for less than their MSRPs. We reported last week on the AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT retailing for 35% off MSRP in Germany. Some believe this GPU is a one-off owing to its poor performance, however at a price much below MSRP, opinions can start to sway.

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Take notice of the yellow line in the chart before we sign off. This line depicts the price of Ethereum, the most popular cryptocurrency for GPU miners. Until July of last year, GPU pricing and ETH were highly connected. The gap/divergence could be caused by several factors, the most evident of which are the increased mining skill level and the substantial spike in energy prices since the autumn. Cryptocurrency prices have recently risen, but this is unlikely to be enough to counteract the downward trend in GPU prices at this time.

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