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“KGF: Chapter 2”: Yash is saying ‘I Cannot Avoid Violence’, Raveena Tandon, and Sanjay Dutt are Absolutely Fire!

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After getting fantastic success in the first chapter of KGF, Yash means our ‘Rocky Vai’ returns once again with chapter 2. It is the day, the hour for which all the fans of Yash are waiting.

We can bet that the first look of all the characters has kept everyone stuck on their seats and the storm of craziness that rose among the fans become higher after releasing the trailer. In the trailer, Yash’s entry and the punchline as “violence likes me” is definitely give Goosebumps to the fans.


The most interesting fact is the look of Sanjay Dutt as the villain. The presence of Sanjay Dutt really reveals the symbol of dominance, and Raveena Tandon in the trailer also has increased the expectations to another love together. This new trailer just reveals how this film could be the largest blockbuster of all time. All the film lovers also appreciate such an explosive trailer.


This film is truly is a combination of such an exciting narrative, mind-blowing action sequences. We have seen that Chapter 1 has broken all of the Indian cinema records and expectations. Additionally, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandan is also such an illustrious cast.

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KGF: Chapter 2: Plot

The short trailer commences with Prakash Raj’s poignant dialogue based on bloodshed and also the violence. The new trailer reveals Raveena Tandon as Prime Minister. The trailer begins with the voice of that lady reporter whom we had seen in the first chapter is eager to know the story of KGF. The first chapter ends with the death of Garuda, and now she is asking to read what was happening after the death of Garuda.

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The writer says, “Khoon se likhi hui kahaani hai, syaahi see nahi badhegi (The story that was written by the blood will never continue with ink). It shows the people who were prisoned at that place. After that, the trailer reveals the voice of Raveena Tandon as she is saying, “ There will be no more tolerance”.

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It reveals Raveena Tandon as a powerful Prime Minister as all the people are admired her. She is not weak she also have forces and then shows a huge amount of car entering into the place. She is as powerful with a motive that they will destroy by visiting their places.

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After that, it reveals a sword that is fixed into the ground and there is a  burning fire that symbolizes the flame of rage, anger, and war. After that, we got a sound of the most terrible villain, Sanjay Dutt, as Adheera who is saying the battle will be won by splashing the blood in a bottle. We will just say that the entry of Sanjay Dutt with a terrible villainous hairstyle definitely enhances the eagerness of the fans.

He seems to be as terrible as he determined that in this battle the fallen corpses also are very useful here and he has seen is standing by wearing a scarf that seems is just awesome. It continues with the war scenes as both are engaged with terrible battle and  Sanjay Dutt reveals his front face from behind the fire.

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Now the situation becomes as tight as it refers to the biggest businessman, biggest criminal, and the things become the biggest national issue with the entry of our ‘Rocky Vai’ means ‘Yash’ happens with a big blast and triggering the gun. He gets involved in a feud with a politician specially Raveena Tandon. As the entry of Yash happens that iconic KGF soundtrack has been started and that gives the goosebumps and maintains the hype of the fans.

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He just comes with a  dialogue, “Violence..Violence..Violence!. I don’t like it. I Avoid..But…Violence likes me!” with action scenes and he just doesn’t like it, the funny moment is while he uses the word “Avoid”. The trailer then reveals some heartwarming action scenes of spreading bullets,  boat fights, action scenes like throwing the enemies, crashing cars with a blast. After that Yash starts chopping the enemies in his own style wearing the white jacket.

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Raveena is eager to take the entire controls and everything and Yash is standing with a black bullet and fighting with enemies. On the other side, Adheera says that he is coming to reclaim his KGF!, Yash is doing fantastic actions. The actress Srinidhi is also seen in white attire.

In the trailer, Sanjay Dutt as Adheera seems to be very powerful as he doesn’t need friendship and on the other side, the Yash reveals there is no such weapon that can tolerate his enmity and he is beating the enemy one by one and showing his power. As a businessman, Yash says,” Let’s do business, offer closes soon!” and Yash is seen outside of a room that caught fire, bullet spreading, and fights of Yash. In one scene we have seen Sanjay Dutt lift up an iron beam to throw it. In this combat, Yash will comes to know more about his past

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The ending of the trailer literally makes the fans emotional as it shows the little Yash is telling his mother that he will fetch all the gold to you in this world and in the reply his mother says okay bring it in the next morning. One thing has confirmed that this time the battle will be happening on the ground, water, and also air.

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KGF: Chapter 2: Cast

KGF has been written and directed by Prashanth Neel, and bankrolled by Vijay Kiragandur under the Hombale Films banner. This film features Yash, Shrinidhi, Sanjay Dutt, and Raveena Tandon in the lead role.

After sharing the trailer KGF: Chapter 2, Yash Wrote,” The world is my territory! (sic)”. The trailer is also unveiled in many languages.

KGF: Chapter 2: Release Date

KGF: Chapter 2 has scheduled to release on 14th April 2022.

Here is the trailer:

A big thanks for source1 & source2.

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