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New NVIDIA Workstation GPUs For Desktops & Laptops also include RTX A5500 which is quite similar to the RTX 3080 Ti

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With the RTX A5500 and many additional graphics cards, NVIDIA is expanding the range of expert graphics cards from the RTX-A series for GTC 2022. It is marginally below the premium RTX A6000 for workstations, but it is the new leading model in laptops as the RTX A5500 integrated GPU. In most cases, there is a minimal resemblance between the two.

The RTX-A family of graphics cards, formerly known as Quadro, are used for 3D graphics rendering (including ray tracing), video editing, AI computations, and other tasks. They take advantage of exceptional drivers and provide additional assistance to users.

The NVIDIA RTX A5500 for workstations with dual-slot cooling uses a GA102 setup identical to the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti engineering samples and hence has 5% fewer execution units than the previous top model, the RTX A6000 with a complete GA102 configuration.


The graphics card has half the memory of the premium option, with 24 GB GDDR6 with ECC error correction, while memory interfacing and frequency remain unchanged. The company’s patented NVLink allows two RTX A5500 to be connected.

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The association explains why NVIDIA is releasing a slightly less powerful adaption 18 months after the RTX A6000 and near the conclusion of Ampere’s lifespan, owing to the strained delivery system.

According to reports, NVIDIA was unable to deliver a sufficient number of graphics cards with GA102 complete development and 48 GB GDDR6X and is attempting to meet some of the closely involved SKUS with the option listed below.

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The RTX A5500 graphics card is also available for mobile workstations as the RTX A5500 laptop GPU, which matches the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti configurations.

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The difference between the RTX A5500 and the RTX A5500 notebook GPU is also significant, as it is between the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti notebook GPU. There are still 7,424 GA103-based shaders in the notebook out of the 10,240 GA102-based shaders.

The FP32’s handling power lowers by about a third, from 34.1 to 24.7 TFLOPS, in tandem with the lower clock. The GDDR6 memory is 16 GB and does not comply with ECC standards, as do all portable RTX-A variants.

The NVIDIA RTX A6000 is also available as an A40 without display connectors and with a passive cooler for server support. The RTX A5500 isn’t expected to have such a wide range of performance. Throughout the second quarter, partners are expected to offer discounts on the new versions. NVIDIA did not specify a precise launch date, as it did with the debut of the more established models 18 months earlier.

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