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“Tekken”: Netflix dropped the Animation Series and the first teaser trailer

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Netflix just has declared one more title for the swelling library of the main anime series. It has been planning to drop Tekken: Bloodline later this year and also it has been dropped the series along with one and a half minute official teaser trailer.

It seems that there is one such of the exact date to mention of the episodes count and the summary reveal s  it also will focus on Jin Kazama who also has set to join the series like a  character Tekken 3.

Netflix will release a Tekken animated series later this year

It seems like such of the other late 90s game franchise with sales of more than  50 million copies as the Tekken series has just only some of the few attempts that have set to translating the story for film to TV.


The attempts had done to manage to contain a completely forgettable 2010 live-action flick that is also very much notable for being one of 43  films on Rotten Tomatoes to earn such a zero percent rating that has been based on the reviews from the critics. It seems that at one point the producer/director with Tekken games, Katsuhiro Harada and also tweeted like it was terrible and also said,” We were not able to supervise that film as it was a cruel contact. It seems I’m not interested in that film.

Netflix drops first 'Tekken: Bloodline' trailer, bringing the classic video  game to anime

It seems that the conditions also surround with the adaptation that also may better as Harada and also inviting the fans to check out the new trailer. If Tekken: Bloodline also follows the games as the sow also will tie together The  King of Iron Fist Tournament that also contains the control like a powerful corporation like the prize.

It seems that the intergenerational power struggle of the Mishima family as it runs the corporation with the tournament and there are such supernatural powers or corrupting the nature of  Devil Gene with the mutation that also has been shared by  Heihachi  Mishima and also his son Kazuy6a Mishima, and  Kazuya’s son Jin Kazama.

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It seems that the mother of Jin, Jun Kazama also had a  character in the games and also has such the trailer seems to appear to reveal her training him while they have been attacked by another boss from the games with the monstrous Ogre. It seems that events also will be lead him to visit the tournament along with full of familiar faces and the faces also may or may not wear jaguar masking the whole time and also has been flashed during the whole trailer show off at least with some of the characters that we also can expect to have appeared.

Netflix Announces Tekken: Bloodline Anime Series For Premiere In 2022 -  Villageofwauwatosa

Jin Kazama has been learned  “Power is everything”  that the family self-defence arts, Kazama-Style  Traditional Martial Arts from the mother jet such of an early. After he becomes powerless while a monstrous evil has been suddenly appeared, destroying everything dear to him and also changing his life completely.

Now angry at himself for being unable to stop it, Jin Vowed to take revenge and sought absolute power to exact it. It seems that the quest also will lead to the extreme battle on to the global stage as The  King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Netflix releases teaser for 'Tekken: Bloodline' anime series - NewsBreak

After failing to deliver a live-action Cowboy Bebop is that it will be deemed worthy of the second season, Netflix is continuing to focus on adapting to the anime and games for much of the new content. It seems that the League of Legends has been based on the anime series  Arcane receiving a rave review here.

When The Witcher live-action TV show has also been done well enough to get a third season with a second anime film and also has such of the latest kids show. It seems that the live-action adaptation of One-Peace started the production earlier this year, and Netflix also has such anime adaptations   Scott Pilgrim and also has the Terminator series in the works.

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