Thursday, May 26, 2022

“Guilty Gear Strive (Season 2)”: The Game reveals Story Mode 2 and the Crossplay with PS5/4 and PC

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It seems that currently Arc System Works is soon fetching attention and revealing such brand new content at a consistent pace along with their games. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is also underway along with the rollback beta, but it seems that the  Guilty Gear Strive like the latest title from the developer has been released last year. It has such a new massive declaration on the table.

It seems that the announcements had made during the ending of the ARCREVO 2021  stream. Now you also can watch it.

At first, we’re going odd to the Season Pass. The game’s Extra Story mode had been elaborated on today, and it seems that the produced Daisysuke Ishiwatari had been given some details. The extra story mode has such an increased focus on characters that also had been minimal to no role into the base of the story of the game with the appearances from the characters just like May, Faust, and  Baiken. It seems that the DLC   also will be released  towards  the  end of April  and also has been  contained  in Season Pass 1:


It seems that if you were giving the attention we wrote Season Pass “1”. It is because it was showcased at this event and it was that the development team is also putting their effort into Guilty  Gear Strive’s  Season Pass 2. It seems that we can just tell the right thing like that the second  Season Pass has at least four such additional characters. Who were exactly has not been revealed m but we also can expect to hear about lore such information in this year?

The latest announcement coming in the form of the free diorama-maker updates known as Digital Figure Mode. It is reported that in this mode, you also can create such a unique diorama along with a  combination of several characters, scenery, and more from the game. You can give an eye  to this Digital  Figure  Mode on the action:

It seems that for the final and the major declaration, this game has much of the draw the comparison to another fighter known as Street Fighter V. Now the question is what is the reason? It is because of the fact that Guilty Gear Strive and also will join such of the crossplay sphere like later this year, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, and PC players who also will be able to cross blades and battle each other across the world. Now the developers also have been said that further details also will be exposed later this year.

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It seems that the three updates clearly reveal the image of the development for the game that has not gone abruptly closed at any time very soon, Guilty Gear Strive is now available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC through Steam.

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