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“Anatomy of a Scandal”: The trailer  reveals the  duplicitous life of a British Couple

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Netflix unveiled the first trailer of Anatomy of a Scandal. It is mainly an upcoming  British courtroom drama docuseries. This film is based on the alternative lives of a  minister in Parliament. It has been described as a psychological thriller. It also promises to take a peek at the behind of power and also has been discussing how a rape trial can affect the entire country.

Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal Trailer: Privilege Is Put On Trial

Anatomy of a Scandal: Plot

The new trailer introduces James and Sophie Whitehouse as the typical rich and privileged  British couple. James is a minister in parliament and holds a  position that supplies him money, power, and also the notion as he has the right to do whatever he wants to do. It is unfortunate for James that his job also put the target in his back, and soon the Whitehouse family become the main focus of the scandal that also has been capable of shacking the entire country.

It seems that the minister has such a promiscuous affair that as he comes into the light of the public scrutiny. Now more than the extramarital sex, James also becomes blamed for having raped a woman and also putting him into the middle of a trial of the mob.

Anatomy of a Scandal' Trailer: Sienna Miller Unravels a Rape Charge |  IndieWire

The story of the series has been inspired by the book of the same name by Sarah Vaughan. Vaughan has been known for writing thrillers that involve people with high places of strength and also for her focus on how scandals also have been consequences on the women who are set to drag into the chaos.

It seems that the series seems to respect Vaughan’s real work by exploring how James alleged crimes that also affected his wife, Sophie. In this trailer, Sophie has seen to be struggling to accept her husband’s affair. At that exact time, she also must face the reality that James actually could and feels guilty.

Netflix's 'Anatomy of a Scandal' Trailer Spotlights Sexual Assault  Allegations Against a British Politician - Metacritic

Anatomy of a Scandal: Cast

This series starring Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery as barrister Kate Woodcroft. It seems that James and shake the Whitehouse marriage. It seems that the series also features Naomi Scott, Josette Simon, Geoffrey Streatfeild, Joshua McGuire, Liz White, Nancy Farino, Hannah Dodd, Ben Radcliffe, Jake Simmance, Annie Haworth, Amelie Bea-Smith, Sebastian Selwood.

Anatomy of a Scandal Trailer Shows Michelle Dockery, Sienna Miller Netflix  Series
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It seems S.J. Clarkson also directs all of the episodes, and Liza Chasin of 3Dot Producers executive produces along with  Bruna Papandrea, and  Allie Goss of Made-up stories. It seems that the executive producer is the author of the novel Vaughan and also with Margaret Chernin who also servi8ng  as the co-executive producer. Netflix also presenting  Anatomy of Scandal as the latest anthology series. It seems that the first season’s success also could be lead to multiple seasons and each is dealing along with a different scandal.

netflixs-new-drama-anatomy-of-a-scandal-released-official-trailer-it-will-be-launched-on-april-15-6  | FMV6

Anatomy of a Scandal: Release Date

This Netflix show will hit globally on 15th April 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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