Monday, May 23, 2022

AMD to soon announce its Next-gen FSR 2.0 Upscaling Technology

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AMD introduced FSR, or ‘FidelityFX Super Resolution,’ in June 2021, as a response to NVIDIA’s DLSS upscaling technology. The company is now expected to announce its next-generation FSR 2.0 technology very soon.

This fresh information comes from CapFrameX’s developer, who claims that AMD may have previously revealed internal test footage, which appears to be rather good. To summarise, AMD’s FSR technology relies purely on the compute cores found in RDNA GPUs and does not require any AI aid, which distinguishes it from NVIDIA’s DLSS and Intel’s XeSS. The AMD FSR technology is also more open-source, allowing it to be easily included in games.

AMD also has their Radeon Super Resolution ‘RSR’ technology, which works in all games and does not require game engines to allow developer injectors. I believe AMD will use what they’ve learned from both FSR and RSR to improve the FSR code for the next-generation version. The AMD FSR 2.0 technology is said to have the following features:

  • Temporal upscaling + optimized AA
  • Does not need AI
  • Runs on GPUs from all vendors
  • Impressive performance and image quality
  • AMD even claims that it can be better than native

The temporal upscaling and enhanced AA techniques implemented in AMD FSR 2.0 will help push image quality and performance even higher. According to CapFrameX, the performance and image quality are ‘Impressive.’ The technology will be adapted across all GPUs from all vendors, however, it’s unclear whether this implies all GPUs or just the most contemporary ones. That is something the red team will certainly emphasise during the launch, as Intel’s approach with XeSS is very similar and will work with GPUs from all vendors. AMD claims that the image quality of FSR 2.0 is better than native resolution, which is a big boast, and we’re excited to see it in action.

AMD’s FSR 2.0 technology is expected to be unveiled soon, with GDC 2022 being the most likely date. AMD will be at GDC and has previously revealed ‘Next-Generation Image Upscaling for Games’ as a session for the event, which is scheduled for March 24th (4 PM GMT), so it’s likely we’ll learn more about FSR 2.0 there. The technology is said to be announced rather than launched, and it could take a few months for AMD to implement it in driver updates, either before or during the launch of their next-generation RDNA 3 GPUs.

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Nivedita Bangari
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