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When we Play Online Live Casino Games, is it Really Random?

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Who does not enjoy gambling? The international phenomenon is played by millions if not billions of people daily. The beauty of online live casino games lies in the variety of the games themselves. Every region or country is famous for some casino games that residents enjoy.

Then the age of the internet came in and changed everything. Nowadays, you can play any casino game from almost any culture or region while sitting on your sofa after a hard day at work. When the age of digital banking came alive now, players could enjoy casino games online where anyone could bet from the comfort of their home.

With the ease of use and opportunity provided. There is an obvious question unanswered. Can we trust the source of the game? Was the hand dealt for the player random?  Here you can find the best online casinos in India.

The mechanism of cards shuffling

To begin answering this question, we should know how card shuffling works. There are several shuffles humans use and different cuts to ensure the randomness of the hands dealt with each player. We have the riffle shuffle, overhand shuffle, smooshing, and much more. The question asked is, how does anyone know they are not getting hustled? Or, how do we make sure we are not getting deceived?

We are not professionals for that reason, the answer is we cannot, as it is significantly hard to know if the dealt hand is a fair one or the cards are set in that specific order to get hustled.

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When digital card games became a hit and moved online over the years, it became easy for anyone to access and play and even gamble. Some might be skeptical and, the questions arise: is the shuffling process using a program the same as the human shuffle? What is more important, is it random?

The human element involved in the shuffling process with any method used still has several outcomes that would get the cards mixed up in a somewhat order. According to a study published in the New York Times in 1990, it says anyone has to shuffle the cards at least seven times before it even begins to be random.

Random number generators

Most online card games use an RNG System “Random Number Generator” When coordinated with a shuffling algorithm based on the number of cards of each game, it creates a sense of randomness surrounding the game.

Every online card game -the main ones involving money- goes through several regulations and monitoring before they can have their license to have the game and receive subscriptions and players. One of the significant examples is online poker games where they have a platform that accepts money and, the player can play real-time poker with other players using real money “The Vegas experience at home”

These platforms use algorithms that guarantee fair play. There is no place for shady businesses because officials constantly monitor them. When any online card game provider messes up, it is quite a scandal that leads to major fines, if not the closure of the business itself. Logically speaking, why would any online card game company risk having customers lose their respect for them over a hustle they do?

It has become a concern that most online casinos have published their programs and algorithms used for their shuffling mechanism and card dealing, which made playing much safer.

Unpredicted random patterns

In theory, a computer-shuffled deck might seem less random since it uses a designed algorithm for that and, it might be predictable at some point. A computer-generated shuffle is reliable because it provides the correct way and prevents error.

The usage of algorithms has made it very difficult for players to predict the patterns as the details in these algorithms are so complicated that it requires a whole team to decode it and a lot of time to replicate it, which, by the time it would have updated and changed.

The online card shuffling mechanism is considered much safer than the human shuffle, for it has little margin of error compared to the human element. The application of the mechanism itself is complicated enough to let someone who wishes to deconstruct it or use it for their benefit to think more than twice.

When we Play Online Live Casino Games, is it Really Random? – Conclusion

Next time anyone wants to play an online live casino game, from basic solitaire to poker or blackjack, play them with ease as the main goal is to have fun and win.

Having all the previous information in mind, winning n an online casino with an RNG used is an accomplishment as you won against odds more complex if you have been playing with a human shuffle involved. Hence, their victory has an accomplishment taste to it.

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