Wednesday, May 25, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Dying Light 2: Stay Human

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The game kicks off with the main character Aiden in his journey. He sees flashbacks of his past when he was captured and kept in a place of experiments in his childhood. Aiden Caldwell is also in search of a girl he used to play with as a child known as Mia, who used to be his best friend but after years have passed he doesn’t know where to find her.


Control of the game is usual as in every game out there. Still, to specify, WASD to move C to crouch and hold space to jump further. These are the basic control that every game has other information will be given to you by the game so don’t worry.


This is the area where your all mission is stored you can track the mission according to your wish here. There is a lot of missions in this game and that’s quite frustrating at a certain point.


The game consists of a skill point system most like other games, but it has parkour and combat areas. Use skill points wisely according to your needs.

Weapons you pick to stay in inventory use them wisely. The damage level on every weapon is shown there if a weapon is too damaged then its time to get a new melee weapon


Several herbs can be used to craft medicine and other important stuff you can take a look at all the items that can be crafted in the crafting menu section. Various items can be crafted like lockpicks, medicine, UV bar, etc.

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The weapons used in this game are not guns instead of they take a new idea from their previous game and continue their legacy toward killing zombies with melee weapons like rods, pipes, sticks. The damaged weapon cannot be reused it shall be thrown and obtained a new one to continue your journey.

It’s a horror game and it’s a game to be played by someone who has a strong heart, the game contains blood contents that can be unusual to some viewers if you are okay with it then play the game.

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