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“Top Boy (Season 2)”: The new trailer reveals Dushane bring Jamie in his  gang as it becomes International

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All the fans are waiting for several years for the third rebooting of Top Boy and since 2019 all the fans have been waiting with patients for the second season. Now the wait is almost over like Top Boy season 2 has set to come on Netflix in March 2022.

Top Boy is basically Netflix’s Original crime drama series that has been created and also has been written by Ronen Bennett. At first, the series has been a smashing hit on British Television network  Channel 4. After the cancellation, there had been many of them who was thought  Top Boy would never be made a comeback to the small screen.

Top Boy

It seems that  for this the thanks go to Drake  for the revival and the Canadian  rapper  had  been  a huge fan  of the series  and also had even been offered to fund


The entire production of the third season. In the end, Netflix would be picked up the series along with Drake who has been staying on as an executive producer. Now Ashley Walters comes back to represent the role of Dushane and  also0 has been the creator  Ronan  Bennett come to write the latest season.

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Top Boy (Season 2): Plot

The two-minute-long teaser reveals that Dushane and the gang are about to go International along with their drug empire. After providing such evidence of getting Jamie out of prison in the season one finale, Dushane now wants him on his side. As Susanne meets Jamie in the Café he said,” I’ve got a link, Spain and Morocco and also say, “: About to come through with a big bit. There is more money than you have ever seen in your entire life. Do you want to be a part of it or what?’

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Now it seems like an international operation. Dushane admits,” We have  got a problem and I need  someone  to go out  there and  fix it.’

This season reveals Dushane with the role and the story is based on that he had won the battle against the teen pretender Jamie and also leaving his Summerhouse team unrivaled and making more money than ever.

It also revolved around that the life with Shelley is also has been going well also and also has been allowing him with the dream of future away from the road and after that, the problem from such an unexpected quarter rising and threatens to come it all the crashing down.

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Top Boy (Season 2): Renewal Status

It is reported that before coming on Netflix it was reported that the two seasons had been planned to restore. After coming in September 2019, it has taken  Netflix longer than the expectation to “renew” Trop Boy for the second season.

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Top Boy (Season 2): Production Status

It seems that the production of Top Boy season 2 had been supposed to start in spring 2020 but a  big thanks to the global pandemic production was set to be put on hold for most of the year. The shooting of season 2  had not started untiled  December 20920. There are also some of the filmings that have been taken place in Romford, East London In mainly the derelict estate.

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Top Boy (Season 2):  Cast

There are many cast members who are coming and also have been confirmed in the social media accounts. A big thanks to Bafta Rising Star winning along worth many of the eyes as an actor  Michael Ward who played Jamie. In 2019 there was a fantastic year for Ward who not only features in a breakout role in Top Boy but had also been acknowledged for his prowess in Blue Story. This film will see Walter, and many new faces like  Josephine De La Baume, Howard Charles, Ava Brennan, Erin  Kellyman,  ‘NoLay’, and Asowa Aboah have set to make their mark.

Now it is highly controversial in the UK thanks to the mass brawl in Birmingham in between 100 people and also one of which had been wielding a machete. It seems that the British crime drama will debut in theaters in the US later in March.

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Top Boy (Season 2): Release Date

The second season of Top Boy will release on  18th March 2022 on Netflix.

Here is the trailer:

A big thanks for source1 & source 2.

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