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Windows 11: Is it time to update?

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After the arrival of the new version of the Microsoft operating system, many users wonder about Windows 11 or Windows 10. Which is better? The truth is that this question has an answer: it depends.

There are many factors that intervene to be able to decide, always consider the state of the computer on which the chosen version will be installed.

Let’s remember that the announcement of Windows 11 came with certain hardware requirements to be eligible for the update process, that means, even if you pay for the new version, it will perform poorly if those requirements are not met.


Windows 11 brings a breath of renewal to the Microsoft ecosystem. For many years, updates have arrived, but not a complete redesign that will adapt to the new times and with this renovation came features that users had been waiting for a long time.

Windows 11 version requires a more powerful computer than the Windows 10 version, so in this regard and if your PC is not new, it would be better to use the older version of the Microsoft operating system. Also, 32-bit processors are no longer supported in Windows 11.

One of the main novelties of Windows 11 is the incorporation of multitasking in a different way, incorporating more tasks in multiple windows and the native use of several monitors, Start menu is much simpler this time and the mosaic layout is gone.

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We are expecting to receive in Windows 11 a single major annual update, instead of two as it currently happens in Windows 10.

Microsoft has incorporated Microsoft Teams in the taskbar, which will make communication between family and work teams much easier, replacing the failed Skype plan as a native communication tool for the Windows ecosystem.

PC gamers are their own breed, so these subject matters are very important for them. Gaming on a PC is a unique experience an new features are also incorporated for this public, such as the new Auto HDR and DirectStorage that come directly from Xbox Series X, which undoubtedly improves the graphics in many old games and also improves loading times for older games.

You will be able to play online games on the Edge browser, as well. Great classic games that online casino players are always craving for such as free spins is playable. You will be able to play straight from the browser and win those big jackpots, given that there are different kinds of free bonuses like the free spins no deposit bonus or free spin prizes to play with real money.

What we will no longer see in Windows 11

With this new version of Windows 11 there are several features that will be gone forever, for better or worse.

You will not see the famous live tiles of Windows 10 anymore, now you will see a much more minimalist Start menu, now these tiles have been replaced by the widgets in the widget panel. You also won’t be able to name pinned app groups or folders in the Start menu, at least for now.

Another feature that you will say goodbye to in Windows 11 is having Cortana pinned to the taskbar and she will not “talk” to you while the operating system is being configured on your computer, although it is probably for the best due to the little popularity of this virtual assistant.

Advantages of using Windows 10

The time that exists between the implementation of a new operating system and the adaptations of alternative tools and systems that coexist with the platform can be uncertain, some programs even fell so far behind in the time that they need a version such as Windows 7, which has been around for a long time.

Windows 10 consumes fewer resources. If you have a computer with a 32-bit architecture you can still try to run this version of Microsoft’s operating system on it, if you meet the minimum requirements, that allows you to keep old computers up to date, something that you will no longer be able to achieve with Windows 11.

Windows 10 has been improving on the market for several years, with each update you receive, errors have been corrected that have occurred during all these years in the operating system, a path that Windows 11 is just beginning to travel.

Which is better between Windows 11 and Windows 10?

The answer to this question will depend on the computer you own, how tolerant you are with bugs and also the adaptability you may have to change.

Specifically, if you have an old computer, it would be best to stay until Windows 10, but if your computer is a little newer, you have enough disk and RAM, as well as a decent processor, then you can venture to try the new version of Windows 11.

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Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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