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“Aperture Desk Job”: Valve brings a new Free Game Set in the Portal Universe

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Valve unveiled the trailer of Aperture Desk Job. It is a free game that has been set into the portal universe and also has been set to release this March.

This game has been appeared on Steam along with the little warnings today and also has been described as “free playable short for Valve’s latest Steam Deck”. It seems that the short bit seems important also if you are still hoping for the complete length experience. If you are expecting that it is some kind of include to Portal 3, then we will like to mention to you that Valve already covers with a message on Aperture Desk Job’s Steam Page –“Not Portal 3!”.


Aperture Desk Job


The steam Page has been described is as, Aperture Desk job reimagines the been-there-done-that the category of walking simulators and also has been putting them into the lightening-spanked, endorphin-gorges world of sitting still behind things, and also has been sitting behind the things. The players can play as an entry-level nobody on there on the first day of work and your heart will be full of hope and your legs full of dreams,  eager to climb that corporate ladder but life has set some other plans and they all getting involved chairs.

No description available.

It mainly follows the footsteps of half-Life: Alyx with the availability like a free launch game for the new piece with Valve hardware thorough it will be given off the vibes with the status like an apparent tech demo having the personality.

Aperture Desk Job: Specification

It seems that Aperture Desk Job Steam reveals that it requires a controller in order to play and the keyboard and mouse will not work. The gameplay video reveals that it contains such functions that mainly correspond to all Steam Deck’s unique inputs and now it is assumed that it will be tough to replicate the play experience.

No description available.

Aperture Desk Job: Expectations

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After declaring it is not Portal 3 the expectations become lower and this is not the sequel portal. Now the players should get ready to enhance them the slight way as it is in much of the expanded universe of the games. It seems that Desk Job is putting you squarely into the driver’s seat at Aperture Science. After that, it removes quickly the driving portion and also adds a desk in front of the seat.

It seems that the Steam Page is mostly   very sarcastic and also has been exposed about little about what the player will actually be doing in Aperture Desk Job and seeming like sitting to simulate to run

You run through one of the Steam Deck functions. The screenshots reveal Aperture Science has the blue robot that has been resembling Wheatley and also the several many areas into the lab. This Aperture Science has the job to inspect the products.

No description available.

It seems that the rest of the Steam description is very tongue-in-check along with saying that Aperture Desk Job would not cost you anything. This game has been made off the Steam Deck and it will be playable on PC as long as you are not our keyboard and mouse. It is under the part that walks through the control of the devices and also features that is not as boring as that sounds. It is expected that this game will create a huge response among the audience.

Aperture Desk Job: Release Date

Valve will release this game on 1st March 2022 globally free on Steam.

Here is the trailer:

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