Sunday, May 22, 2022

Intel releases its ‘Muscle’ Alder Lake-HX 16-Core CPUs for Laptops

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For years, the highest-performing workstation-grade laptops have relied on Intel’s socketed CPUs to deliver unrivalled performance. Intel appears to be addressing this need head-on by releasing new Alder Lake-HX CPUs with 16 cores and desktop PC-class speed. These CPUs are based on Intel’s Alder Lase-S technology and will have a TDP of 55W.

The Alder Lake-HX is a full-fat Alder Lake-S chip with eight Golden Cove performance cores, eight Gracemont efficiency cores, 30MB of cache, and a 32-execution-unit integrated Xe-LP GPU. The CPU looks to employ a BGA1964-ADL-S interposer, which was developed expressly to provide enough pins and power to drive the vast and power-hungry piece of silicon while also perhaps housing the chipset in the same package.

The’muscle’ Alder Lake-HX processors are expected to have a TDP of 45W or 55W, while we predict far higher maximum power restrictions to allow for high speeds. Meanwhile, voltage regulating modules (VRMs) have a massive role in tall clocks. Thus, the performance of Alder Lake-HX will be determined by Intel and PC makers and motherboard designers.

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We don’t know anything regarding frequencies or when the chips will be available when it comes to clocks. The appearance of this section is a complete surprise.

When Intel announced its mobile 12th Generation Core Alder Lake ‘Alder Lake’ processors for laptops, it made it clear that it would offer two types of CPU silicon for mobile PCs: Alder Lake-H for mainstream and higher-end notebooks with up to six Golden Cove cores and eight Gracemont cores, and Alder Lake-U and Alder Lake-P for ultra-portable and entry-level notebooks with two Golden Cove cores and up to eight Gracemont cores. The vast majority of laptops can be addressed with just two types of dies; however, some machines require performance comparable to desktops. Intel appears to be preparing a rather unexpected Alder Lake-HX technology to address these.

It wasn’t all that surprising. In mid-2021, @9550pro leaked a slide showing an Alder Lake-H55 platform with 16 cores and in so-called S-BGA packaging, stunning onlookers who did not expect Intel to produce something like this. Given the prevalence of false slides these days, many questioned the image’s legitimacy. Meanwhile, Intel’s BGA1964-ADL-S interposer has been on the market for quite some time, according to Lit-Tech, an interposer manufacturer.

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