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Guide for HITMAN 3 -The Farewell(Mendoza)

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After leaking secretive information of the ICA, the fifth mission in this series takes place in Mendoza, Argentina at a party where Diana is invited. Diana Burnwood is seen on a CCTV camera for the first time so Agent 47 and Olivia find it surprising that a secretive person like Diana cant be captured on a camera unless she wants to be a part of it.


Diana wants to take the position of Don Archibald Yates, who is using Diana for his dirty works. Meanwhile, Agent 47 is confused and is not sure of a betrayal by Diana so he helps her in her last mission.


Relations of Hate and love


Hitman once killed Diana’s parents in a contract that was ordered. The only weakness that agent 47 has is Diana that Diana tells Don Archibald Yates. Diana wants to prove to Don Archibald Yates that now agent 47 doesn’t work for Diana


Mission starts

Diana gives agent 47 an invitation to the party. There total of three objectives in the game, Killing of Don Archibald Yates, Tamara Vidal, and nonkilling information of Diana Burnwood. Give the invitation card and enter the party.


Following a Story

Enter the party you will see a person in a black suit with a peaky cap, Corvo Black. Corvo Black, Diana, and your target Tamara Vidal are invited to a tour of the wine factory. You have to acquire the outfit of Corvo Black, after acquiring the outfit head downstairs to both the ladies. Head to the grapes field and investigate the conversation after that you will be told to disguise yourself as a vinery worker. The worker will drop a vinery worker key, take it. After disguising as a grape worker


Blend to the situation

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Now you will be told to pluck 3 ripe Malbec grapevines do that then deliver the three grapes to the chief winemaker. Now your work as a grape worker is done disguise yourself back as Corvo Black, then follow the chief winemaker towards the tour. After heading a few steps Diana will ask the chief to take a photo of themselves then Diana will step out to ask then if she blinked or not while you will get a chance to kill Tamara Vidal by pasting her in the Grapes pasting machine.


Disguise yourself as Sommelier

Don has ordered a special wine that is from 1945 and is kept in a wine seller. There will be two waiters near the wine seller who go to them by using a vent then turn off the transparency of the room by pressing a button side by the door. The password on the lock is 1945, the date of the vine made. Present the bottle at the meeting. Wait for the meeting to be over then head where Diana takes out all the securities in the door, hides their bodies wait for Don Archibald Yates to come to talk to Diana to watch the confrontation. Wait for Diana to insert a knife in Don, you take out the security. Hide Don Archibald Yates’s body. Locate the exit and your mission here is done.

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