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Guide For Hitman 3 – Dubai on top of the world

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Hitman 3 kicks off with agent 47 and his co-worker jumping off the plane with a parachute on top of Dubai’s Burj Al-Ghazali, also known as the Sceptre, which is the tallest building in the world, as the first mission in Hitman 3. Sceptre in Dubai. A new item that isn’t introduced in previous Hitman games has a camera it can be used to unlock doors or panels or even locks. There are two targets, agent 47 assigned to terminate



You will be landed on an exterior scaffolding of the tallest building but don’t be scared you won’t fall off, go straight then to the right follow the button shown to get down, then start climbing the pipe, turn left vault over to the platform then they will guide you to use your camera to get inside the building after getting inside go straight as the red lights show, after heading into the split area. Then Look to your right and pick up the coins it will be useful later In the mission. Climb up the ladder then go straight through the curtains to change your outfit into an agent 47 suit.


Obtaining key card by subduing Staff


You have reached floor 1, Atrium lobby goes straight to the stairs guards will be greeting you. The first thing you need to do is to get yourself an outfit of the staff so that you can access a key card which will open certain areas, after climbing the stairs head right to the washroom where you can turn on the sink, it will attract staff to go there to check what is happening at the perfect timing subdue them and get yourself changed into staff outfit and hide the body in the wardrobe. There will be two staff in the washroom either one of them has a key card that can be useful.



After exploring the unlocked area which you have unlocked by the key card you will find a storage room nearby where you will find a Staff and a Security Guard smoking in the room, head in

Subdued both of them and hide their bodies in the cooler just on the left side of the room. Then get out from the window, climb up with the help of the pipe it will now lead you much closer to the next step which is locating the server room. To gain access to the server room you will need an outfit of either a guard or a maintenance guy, after climbing up go straight through the hallway then turn left go inside the room you will find a maintenance guy subdue him, I prefer subduing a penthouse guard because then you can carry your weapons legally without disturbance. Anyways after getting your outfit changed go to the server room just in front of you. A terminal can be to arrange a fake meeting with both of your targets. But unfortunately, you will find the terminal of the server room to be locked. Grey will guide you to sabotage a red Server Rack on one of the four columns of the room, but if you do this you’ll activate the alarm and have to wait until Penthouse Security comes in to reset it.

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You need to find a way to get the key card. To find the go through the door on the north side of the server room you will find one woman taking on the phone and a fellow maintenance guy in the corner. Subdue the maintenance guy when the woman is not looking, get the key card, and finally, you will be able to gain access to the server room terminal and can arrange a fake meeting. Go back to the server room after gaining the key card. There’s a new silver Key card Reader pedestal just next to the terminal, unlock it.

The tiny difference you are now told to find is that there are three columns with green codes and one with yellow code, find the column with yellow code and sabotage it. If you pick the right one then the alarms won’t go off this time. Now you can access the terminal menu, Rearrange the meetings, open elevator doors, disable all the cameras.



If you haven’t already got the penthouse guard outfit then it’s time to get the outfit. Obtain by subduing a penthouse guard nearby. Now we go to the final step of ending the mission.


Now head to the infiltration lounge area, to the hallway, and go left, past the stairs, and to the room at the end, now you be able should find the meeting area. Grey will talk to Ingram and Marcus in a lengthy sequence; once he’s done. Activate the secure meeting button, it will lead to a lockdown of the room so that you can take them out.



Locate the exit and your mission in Dubai is done the mission will end with cutscenes related to the second mission of the game

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