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“Space Force (Season 3)”: All the Latest Updates about Renewal Status and Expectations

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Space Force is definitely Netflix’s one of the giant comedy projects till fate along with Steve carrel once again coming for the second season. Now we will discuss whether this series will be renewed for season 3 or not of the show.

Netflix already gave Space Force a season 2 several months after it has been premiered. We have seen that the first season was released back in May 2020 but at that time it had not been given any renewal until November 2020. The second season was dropped on Netflix globally on 18th February 2022.

Space Force (Season 3): Renewal Status

In this late February 2022, there has been no such decision taken on the future of Space Force at Netflix but a season 3 has even been planned if the season 2 finale makes a huge response.


Now as the consequence we have heard about the renewal around the month or two after such new seasons of the show premiere.

Now the reason that we are suspecting about the show that could be on the risk of cancellation as of how it had renewed for a second season and mainly how it got the budget cut and also has been changed of the shooting location.

It seems to lie that season2  may move the production to Vancouver from Los Angeles to protect on costs and saw the episode count reduced from 10 to 7.

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The latest lower budget also could suggest that season  1  had not quite met the expectations but rather than let the series go and it has given it another chance. It seems that unless the show can do the number as unlikely we can see the third entry.

There is also one of the bright spots for the series’ future as that review consensus for the popular second season. And seeming like a bit better albeit and got fewer reviews at the publish time.

Space Force (Season 2): Netflix Performance

We have earlier discussed what the third season renewal will come down to the viewership. It is along with the various methods and we also can get such hints as to how good the series has performed but the reality is we would not have a complete picture until around the middle of Match.

Season 1  was able to manage to be watched by 40 million subscribers in the first months sadly, we would not be getting that compatible figure for this season.

On the opposite, we will be going to get hourly data that we can then compare against other comedies. It seems that we are expecting the first batch of hourly data to be available to us on 22nd February 2022.

A big thanks to the top 10 data and also provided by FlixPatrol as we have known that the series had not to get off to the best begins around the world. In the US, this series came the TV top 10 at number 5 for both its first and second day on the services.  It had been beaten out many shows like Inventing Anna, Love is Blind, Sweet magnolias, and The Cuphead Show!.

We have shared the countries that saw the series with the longest in the top 10s. It became naturally very popular in regions like the United States and Canada but also performed well in Australia and some  Eastern European countries, and Nordic regions.

Space Force (Season 3): Expectations

At the end of the second season, we have got most of the characters at the same position as they were running into the second season.

It seems that most characters have such options to stick across at Space Force to have such now got their pay rises and the future of the branch of the military secured.

The second season ended with a cliffhanger in the form of a big asteroid hurtling towards the Earth. The entire team discovers the asteroid thanks to the Hawaiian telescope for coming online.

After the astronauts, scientists, and generals spot the latest asteroid and come to terms along with their impending doom as they break out in song of singing Kokomo by The Beach Boys which is a throwback to season 1.

A big thanks for the source.

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