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NVIDIA Reflex arrives on ‘iRacing’ and ‘SUPER PEOPLE’ beta, ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ is up next!

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NVIDIA is looking always to expand its DLSS and Reflex library of games that lure gamers to opt for them anyway, but their hard work with game devs means new games optimized for NVIDIA GeForce gamers.

So, the green giant of the Silicon industry has announced that NVIDIA Reflex continues to expand into new game genres with iRacing and SUPER PEOPLE adding Reflex support this month, and Shadow Warrior 3 coming March 1. There was also the release of a new Reflex-compatible monitor, new updates to the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer, and more.

“When designing a physical race car, we spend considerable resources assuring that steering, throttle, and braking systems are highly responsive to the driver’s commands,” said Chris Gilligan, Chief Information Officer, Competition & Engineering for Joe Gibbs Racing. “For our iRacing esports teams, the same is true, but instead of engineering physical systems, we must ensure that driver inputs are fed into the simulation engine with minimal delay.  Minimizing this latency between the driver control systems, the sim engine, and the video display is not only key for providing a sense of realism, but also allows drivers to hone their car control skills in a virtual environment.”


“The technology in simulated racing is always evolving, especially as it elevates our ability to be more precise behind the sim wheel,” said Nick Ottinger, William Byron Racing esports driver and 2020 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Champion. ”This is a must to perform at our very best, and NVIDIA’s Reflex technology is going to take it to the next level. I can’t wait to experience what they have to offer.”

NVIDIA Reflex Continues to Reduce System Latency in New Games in New Genres

After support was added to 8 out of the top 10 first-person shooters, Reflex expanded support beyond the first-person shooter genre when the technology was added to F.I.S.T, a platformer, and God of War, an action-adventure game. 

NVIDIA Reflex arrives on ‘iRacing’ and ‘SUPER PEOPLE’ beta, ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ is up next!
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iRacing Gets NVIDIA Reflex!

This month Reflex moves into the racing genre, and it is available now in iRacing, the world’s premier online racing simulator. Because precision and milliseconds matter, reducing system latency in iRacing delivers the most responsive driving experience. Enabling NVIDIA Reflex in iRacing can reduce system latency by up to 20%.

SUPER PEOPLE beta Gets a Latency Reduction of up to 50%, along with NVIDIA DLSS!

Wonder Games’ SUPER PEOPLE beta has been a breakout hit on Steam – initially available for a short beta weekend, hundreds of thousands of gamers instantly flocked to its super-fun super-powered battle royale arenas, convincing the developers to leave SUPER PEOPLE beta online.

Updates and new content are being added each week, and with the most recent update, SUPER PEOPLE beta now benefits from the addition of NVIDIA Reflex and NVIDIA DLSS. And with ray tracing added at launch, GeForce RTX gamers will have the definitive experience in this title.

Using NVIDIA Reflex, SUPER PEOPLE players can reduce their system latency by up to 50%, making them more competitive online, potentially leading to victory in the winner-takes-all arenas.

More Reflex Goodness:

  • Shadow Warrior 3 launches on March 1st with NVIDIA Reflex support.
  • This month a new Reflex-compatible monitor launched, the Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 (24.5” 360Hz 1080p)
  • Our latest GeForce Experience update brings automatic NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer configuration to the free app, making latency measurement a 1-click experience and incredibly easy to use. See it in action in this video and learn more in this article.
  • The results of the System Latency Challenge can be found in this article.

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