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“The Lord of the Rings”: Netflix Should Take the Rights or Not?

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Netflix now comes on getting of the rights of the two franchises from J. R. Tolkien have them up for sale in such form of the movies and games rights and also expected to went for at least $2 billion. Recently Variety confirms that the film rights and also gaming rights are up for sale for both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

It seems that television rights are recent with Amazon. It has set that Amazon has set for release with their first debut of the series ‘The Rings of Power” in September.

Netflix has hugely stayed away from the major acquisitions along with the history. It is definitely a big IP acquisition just afar have been to pick up the Millarworld library of the comic book with more recent work on Roald Dahl’s work.


It seems that there has been such rampant speculation as to who might and also should get it. Amazon, Disney, and Apple are also among the most cited, and a soul Netflix will try to get it.

The Lord of the Rings: Netflix Should not Purchase the show

It seems that the Warner Brothers film would be hard or impossible to reach to the top. It seems while the Amazon TV show was first declared as instantly drew the comparisons of the movies that have been directed by Peter Jackson. It seems that the show also has been somewhat set to move away from the comparisons. There is anyone to move into the film world along with the franchises, comparisons that seems to be impossible.

It is obvious that we have seen such reboots of such film franchises along with the past that has been rebooting  The Lord Of the Rings with the particular like a mammoth task. They also have been created close to $3 billion at the box office and also had been nominated for such 30 Academy Awards. It seems that The Return of the King got 11 Oscars alone.

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It seems that anything that sort of perfect would be marred such reputation along with the film franchise and  Netflix whole.

the witcher best shows on netflix

Netflix Already has major fantasy IP

There are Netflix also made such a major investment with fantasy IP over the years along with the best still to come.

 It seems that The Witch her may be the biggest effort to date with Netflix is still working on The Chronicles of Narnia, the Sandman. Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Kane Chronicles to name a few.

It seems that there is everything that also has been a home running and still has plenty to be working for. It seems that Cursed may be the biggest notable flop in such fantasy space for Netflix.

It seems that the point will be along with finite resources and time. It would be better to fill in the holes with the genres where Netflix set to lack rather than one where Netflix already has been recognizable such names.

Better Acquisitions

There are $2 billion that is not exactly a small chunk of change. It seems that also comes with such significantly lower with such huge outlay.

It has such Entertainment Strategy written a guide to acquisitions for the US in 2021 where he also argued Netflix should be aiming the likes of Lionsgate as it had to get you the library as well as rights for developing shows and films in future.

We will think that Netflix should be creating such huge acquisitions that there are also far better deals out there that deliver more bang with the buck.

The Lord of the Rings: Netflix Should Purchase the show

Fantasy IP giving Netflix an edge

You can notice most of our pros as will just turn along with the cons onto the head. It seems if we flip such first con on the head and assume Netflix clashes along with it out of the park. It also could be a huge draw for the new subscribers.

This show and The Hobbit are has huge global properties. There are also has such known around the world and also with the demand just like much today as they had been 20 years ago.

Netflix has plenty of fantasy IP but there are most of those efforts so far and also have been aiming in the TV space. Beyond Bright also has such few other efforts in fantasy. Netflix has not had such a huge fantasy film in the first arsenal.

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King 2003

Netflix’s plan into gaming

It still really has such early days on Netflix’s gaming efforts and when there have been such great Lord of the Rings games in past. It could be  Netflix’s major IP cement itself like a serious player in the gaming world.

The Lord of the Rings: Other Details

There are also such main reasons against Netflix to get into the franchise as you will be trying to generate with many such references as the perfection.

It is true that Amazon also opted for tackling such other stories just beyond the two trilogies already produced. It seems that Middle-earth is a  very rich and vibrant universe along with a lot to explore.

A big thanks for the source.

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