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Hitman 3 basic tips and tricks you need to know

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Hitman 3 is a 2021 stealth game and this is the third and final volume in the World of Assassination trilogy.

“Names Are for Friends, So I Don’t Need One.”

Agent 47’s unique way of the sneaky assassination of targets takes it to the next level in this game. Hitman 3 is a kind of game where you have to use your tactics to assassinate your target sneakily. The Stealth nature of the game makes this game very different and special from other games, I mean you can’t just go and shoot all the guards and kill the target. In case of any unnecessary brawl that can’t be dealt with, you have been given a silenced pistol which can be used to exterminate the person so that other people won’t hear the shot fired.


Camouflaging into the environment


The best way to blend in so that your target or guards would not notice you are to change the hitman’s outfit into a more acceptable outfit that best suits the area you are about to enter. Camouflaging is a great way to blend in-crowd, which is shown brilliantly in this game. There are various professions to play in story quests in the game such as you can play story quest which includes you being a gardener, electrician, etc.

Following story mode

As you know there are multiple ways to kill your designated target by using your skill and intelligence or you can follow the main story quest to get close to your target, then assassinate them. You can poison them, hit them with a wrench, by overriding the voltmeter or you can kill them with the silenced pistol given to you.


Remember to hide the bodies

You need to knock off enemies and put their bodies in wardrobes or coolers so that no one can find it suspicious.

Distract your target

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Always try to distract your target it’s a safe and most effective process to eliminate your target, you can distract them by turning off the vacuum cleaner or creating a mix-up in the fuse box. Throwing coins is also a good way of distracting the enemies so they can be silenced quietly in the corner without someone noticing it.


Frequently use Instinct vision

Using your instinct vision frequently in the game helps you a lot. Frequently using your most utilitarian ability will help you spy through walls, give you info about others’ positions, and show you items that can be picked up and used later.

Use subtitles

Using subtitles is a basic setting in-game, you have to turn on your subtitle because it will help you to remember the password, target name, and other several things you need in your assassination mission so it will be easy to remember.


Don’t kill non-targets

Hitman 3 is a stealth game you have to remember that in any case. You will get fine in XP if you kill non-targets.

Hitman 3 is a masterpiece in its segment and you have to be as sneaky as possible.

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