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“PUBG Update 16.1”: All the new Key Features and Patch Notes revealed

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PUBG has revealed a new update that has been rolled out for the popular Battle Royale Game. It is reported that the patch that is version 16.1 that bringing just about the number of several updates to the title as we have arrived to expect on basis of the routine.

There is such nothing in this update that seems necessary to be a big game-changer and those who are also playing PUBG on the basis of the routine should be appreciated with some of the alterations.
There is the most part, update 16.1 in PUBG comes with a handful of balance that also has fixed to the game. It is specific that both the M416 and MK12 have been buffed just slightly and it also takes them as much easier for utilizing for taking down foes.

PUBG Battlegrounds 16.1 Patch Notes: Krafton announces PUBG Ranked Season 16

There is such an addition that the studio behind PUBG also exposed that it is also looking into the naming changes to SMGs and shotguns in the future along with the tweaks that also have not been set to come about today.


Beyond the balance tweaks, the update 16.1 of PUBG also invoke with it like the start of Season 16 for Ranked play. It indicates that the rewards for Season 15 have also now just rolled out today and it is depending on where just you may have just placed on to the previous seasons.

If you love to play PUBG then you will definitely want to check the majority of patch notes for the new update 16.1 in PUBG

PUBG 16.1 Update:

PUBG Update 16.1 Patch Notes - Weapon Balancing and More

Weapon Balance
• The damage can increase 40-41
• The initial speed of the bullet increases 780m/s to 880 m/s
• Damage drop-off range can increase 50m to 60m.
• The damage can increase 50-51
• Damage drop-off range can increase 75m to 90m.
• It allows spawn in every available map
Friends List
• There is also the Previous List from the Friends List that has been moving on a different tab.

  1. PUBG Friends/Platform Friends/Previous List
    • The default selection has been placed on the pages at the very first player.
  2. It has Applied to Friends, Friend Requests, and Recent Players
    • The entire selection remains at the current spot while lists are also refreshed.
  3. It has Applied to Friends, Friend Requests, Recent Players, and Team Finder.
    Match Report
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• There is the Summary tab in the Match Report page now showing players’ battle records of kills and DBNOs.
• It is unnecessary in-game assets, widgets, sounds, and animations also have been deleted from each mode of game and platform to increase the stability of in-game and speed of loading.

PUBG Update 16.1, Patch Notes Unveiled, the Update 16.1 is now coming to an  end - Game News 24

Anti-Cheat (Test Server Only)
• There is a solution for the commonly reported chat software ESP and we have been also working on the initially tested with the updated Test Server.
• For preventing the possible issues like enemy movements finding awkward from afar to severely shaking character animations for spectating from such underwater from occurring, the Death came, and Replay features in the latest updated Test Server become disabled.
• After this solution has been ended to the stable and safe to use, we can discuss implementing them to the Live Server.

PUBG Update 16.1, Patch Notes Unveiled, the Update 16.1 is now coming to an  end - Game News 24

Bug Fixes
• It contains such fixing of the issues of bots that also become unable to move to land from water
• It contains fixing of such issues in Custom Matches where the Observer is also unable for clicking the Confirm/Cancel buttons after using such kicking feature
• It just fixed the issue of such screen ping marker also being marked for the payer’s current vehicle instead of the players intending the location while the player is In the vehicle in ADS mode
• It fixes the issue related to Basic Training from where players have only become able to complete the shooting mission in ADS mode.
• It just fixed the issue that the player can able to carry more than one knocked-out player.
• It also fixes such awkward animation at the time of restoring the knocked-out teammate after carrying more than one knocked teammate.
• It also fixes such issues that the player will be seen in such an abnormal position after becoming knocked out when putting down the knocked down, teammate
• It also just fixed the issues of the feed of the knocked out appearing just after knocking down an enemy just outside of such a certain range.
• It also has been fixed such issues that have the same amount of throwable as the other players’ after joining the game session.
• It can fix the issue of the Comeback Arena message that also popping up while a payer with the entire team just wiping out and also just spectating an enemy.
• It can fix issues related to the DBNO message popping up to the players while using the Drone when Auto Running.
• It also just fix such issues of players dying while trying of looting such items along with the inventory when using a Self-AED.
• It just fixed the issue of the pointer of the Drone icon and it is also pointing to the other way in both the Minimap and World map.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 16.1 Patch Notes – 9 February 2022 - ABN NEWS

• It also fixes an important problem related to flickering foliage and also the slow loading speed in Erangle.
• It just fixes collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Taego.
• It also fixes the problems of the flickering poster in Taego.

Patch Notes – Update 16.1 · PUBG NA

• It just fixes the dimming issue while players preview the OCS2 OUTFIT SET.
• It fixed the Team Invite option that has been moved to the right while enabling Team Finder on the Social page.
• It can fix the broken text issue for the option of the perspective of the game and also ranked while the gaming languages has been set on Spanish
• It fixed the awkward alignment of the Radio Message button that just preset the description in the Settings
• It fixed the disappearing sandbox logo issue while it has been turning the UI off and on in Sandbox Mode.
• It just fixes such a missing teammate UI issue while entering the map from the Inventory screen.
• It can fix such issues as the menu popping up to the left while clicking the Profile button in the min body.
• It can fix the menu popping up issues on the left then click on the player’s nickname on the chat.
• It can fix the issue unable to zoom in/out with item previews after just opening the chat in the Store.
• It fixes the overlapping UI issue after just reading a reputation level decryption on the Social Page.
• It can fix the issue of missing age that has been rated on to the bottom left of the System Menu.
• It also can fix the issue of players of two obtained Ranked Season 13 parachute rewards with the inventory.
• It can fix the issue related to the dark main lobby while the door of the plane closes.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 16.1 Patch Notes – February 9, 2022

Items & Skins
• It can fix the clipping issues at the time when the character equip with such certain helmet items with the eye accessory items.
• It can reduce the brightness of Jeremy Lin- the skin of AKM’s Dot Sight/Magazine like they appeared mainly to the brighter indoors
• It can fix the issue of such character armpit turn to be transparent while using emotes along with certain jacket items.
• It can fix the issue of the El Solitario Wold Bodysuit’s color has been appeared abnormal in the game.
• It can fix issues of the missing logo on the Ready to Rumble Gloves.
• It can fix the texture issue of the PCS5 Squad Wipe Vest
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