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“Lightyear”: All the Latest Updates You Need to Know about Chris Evan’s Pixar Film

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Disney and Pixar currently dropped the new trailer of ‘Lightyear’. The story of the film indicates the origin story of “Toy Story’s “beloved Buzz Lightyear.  This animated film just introduces the “real-life” space ranger that has been inspired by the toy line that has been seen In the Pixar franchise. It is mainly an animated sci-fi that features Chris Evans as the voice of Buzz.

Lightyear' Trailer: Chris Evans Voices Buzz Lightyear in Pixar Movie -  Variety

Lightyear: Plot

The trailer of the animated show Buzz blasts off into space after becoming marooned onto a remote planet. It seems that the test flight has eventually landed him on alien worlds from where he has been pursued by the legions of robots and also about the unknown creatures. He also has been collaborated by such fellow space rangers and also talking cat toy named it Socks.

Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear in Pixar's Lightyear teaser trailer |

Evan also picked up such intergalactic baton film from Tim Allen who also gave the voice of the iconic plastic astronaut along with Tom Hanks in the “Toy Story” franchise and also set to span four movies start from the first hit movie in 1995 to “Toy Story 4” in 2019. “Lightyear” also will mark as the first feature  of the franchise length the spin-off film for  such one   of the talking  toy characters along with Woody, Bo Peep, Rex and also more have can see  in multiple “Toy Story” shorts over such years, from “Lamp Life” to “Partysauraus Rex”

“This film “Lightyear” at first declared in 2020 at the annual Disney Investor Day.

Our fave Space Ranger gets the origin story he deserves in new Lightyear  trailer | Ars Technica

Lightyear: Expectation

It seems that Light year is the only character in this film whose castings are confirmed. Now the teaser also introduced the audiences to the new characters and the casting has not yet gone with tag reads ”Hawthorne”. He may probably finish for the first time Chris Evans had not finished an iconic catchphrase.

Video: New Trailer for Buzz Lightyear Movie Shows Emperor Zurg
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What is Robot Cat?

The trailer exposes a robot cat whose collar is visible enough to read “Sox”. At this point, Sox also even startles Lightyear into a karate stance that may be a nod for this karate chop to move In the Toy Story films. On talking about the robot cat McLane says, “ I have been advised that we are not yet ready to share all of the details of the robot cat, but I can tell you that the robot cat does feature prominently in the film and will be an audience favorite, not in a  cynical way, but by design. It’s funny, it’s a robot cat, but it’s still under wraps right now.”

Lightyear Trailer Reveals Redesigned Zurg In Chris Evans' Pixar Movie

Zurg in Lightyear

 As this is a  Buzz Lightyear film, there are many fans who are also wondering if Evil Emperor Zurg will come. This character has been voiced by Andrew Stanton. It seems Zurg is very much a parody of classic Star Wars villain Darth Vader and has been right down such a scene where he is telling another Buzz Lightyear action figure that he has his father just like how Vader telling Luke Skywalker that he is actually his father in The Empire Strikes Back.

Emperor Zurg shows up in the official trailer for 'Lightyear'

Lightyear: Cast

This new animated film has been voiced by Chris Evans. Chris Evans wrote in an October tweet, “Animated movies were an enormous part of my childhood. They were my escape. My adventures. My dreams. He also added, “They were my first window into the magic of storytelling and performing…’Thank You does not see come close.”

Tim Allen also voiced Buzz Lightyear in the first four Toy Story films.

While the director Angus MacLane asked as he is close to finishing this film he had said, “I can definitely see the finish line. We have a ton of work to do, but I’m just trying to enjoy it, as best I can. I really like the team that I’m working with, and because of  COVID, I have not gotten to work in person with them very much.

Disney's New Lightyear Trailer Blasts Off To Infinity And Beyond - Cinelinx  | Movies. Games. Geek Culture.

So, I’m back at the studio, working on the film and interfacing with some people that occasionally come in. I’m just trying to enjoy it. When you are working on something where you know you are not going to get to work with that same group of people again, in the same capacity, what I’ve learned over the years is that all you have is that experience. So, I’m trying to enjoy kit, even though there are a bunch of challenges.”

Lightyear: Release Date

This animated film has set to hit on theatres on 17th June 2022.

Here is the trailer

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