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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction operators – Know your operators to get an easy win over AI by choosing a perfect tactical team

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is an online multiplayer strategic shooter where you have to fight against some parasites known as Archaean.

In this game, we will get many agents known as operators with different abilities which will help us during the fight against Archaean.




There is a total of 18 operators in the game, with each mission they will level up and their stats and their loadout will improve.


He can heal 15 to himself or his teammates using his stim pistol. He can revive himself and his teammates when they are downed.

Primary weapon- SG-CQB

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Secondary weapon-P9



She throws proximity mines, stunning adversaries caught in the blast, Mines recharge over time.

Primary weapon-Scorpion EVO 3 A1

Secondary weapon-RG15


He detects nest, VIP, MIA through hindrances.

Primary weapon-M1014

Secondary weapon-M45 MEUSOC


She throws decoys that attract any adversaries in the area, the adversary attacking the decoy becomes scanned.

Primary weapon-Mx4 STORM

Secondary weapon-Bailiff 410



Momentarily boosts team response and survival, revives any downed teammates, and prevents KO.

Primary weapon- SPEAR.308

Secondary weapon- PMM


Fire explosives that remote detonate and stick to all surfaces, ignore adversary carapace.

Primary weapon-TYPE-89

Secondary weapon-BEARING 9



Detect all moving adversaries in the area for a short duration, can be used again after a cooldown.

Primary weapon-V308

Secondary weapon-LFP586


Equips a tactical hammer that can stun adversaries and destroy walls to create new paths.

Primary weapon-M590A1

Secondary weapon-P226 MK 25



Disrupts adversaries making him undetectable for a short duration, can be used after cooldown.

Primary weapon-K1A

Secondary weapon-SMG 12

They are the first 9 unlocked operators you get at the beginning; other operators will unlock when you

 progress further in the game.

Milestone Level 5

IQ– Detects REACT equipment and more through hindrances.

JAGER-Deploy an automated turret, it attacks and intercepts projectiles in the area.

ROOK-Drops a pack of Armor plates for the team granting damage resistance, anyone wearing Armor

always falls to downed instead of KO.


Milestone Level 10

FUZE-Deploy remotely detonable charges on walls, releasing cluster grenades on the other side upon activation.

SMOKE– Throws remotely detonated Z9 grenades, dealing damage to any adversary in the gas.

TACHANKA-Deploys a mounted LMG for anyone to use.

Milestone Level 17


CAPITAO-Silently shoots bolts that detonate on impact, can alternate between smoke screen bolts and venom bolts.

GRIDLOCK-Throws and deploy traps on the ground, adversaries on the trap take damage and are slowed while over it.

NOMAD-Shoots a repulsion mine, knocking back adversaries caught in the blast, also clear the area of Hazards.

As you play you will get XP which you can use to boost your character stats and upgrade weapons.


These are the operators we have in the game.

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