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Mahaan teaser out: What can we expect from the film?

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The Tamil film Mahaan featuring Vikram and Dhruv is ready to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on February 10. The film is written and directed by Karthik Subharaj and it introduces the entangled life of Gandhi Mahaan who is played by Vikram.


The leading light of the movie comes from a family that follows Gandhi to such an extent that the protagonist is named Gandhi Mahaan. His family initiated a peaceful protest in their native village to stop the sale of liquor.


Gandhi Mahaan is compelled to embrace the beliefs of Gandhi by his family. His father has a rigid mentality that won’t approve of his son unless he follows a life that is preached by Mahatma Gandhi. In the teaser, we can view that the father is clutching the shoulders of Gandhi Mahaan when he was young and making him promise to lead a life abiding by the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. He has a fear of not living up to his father’s expectations that led him to wear a mask of a good man.

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Gandhi Mahaan revealing his true self

In the teaser, Gandhi finally acquired the courage to unravel his true nature. He took control of a syndicate that calls shot when it came to the sale of liqor in any part of the state. His ambition in life is to become the king of bootleggers and he’s so powerful that his words become the law. He nurtures and saves the illegal business that his family is against. It seems that he has some serious childhood issues that needs to be dealt with.

The film’s appeal

Vikram is shown as a conflicted man. Several questions are raised like Is he a decent and peace-loving man? A ruthless gangster? Or a failed father? What is the identity of a real Gandhi Mahaan? Director and writer Karthik Subbaraj has created this character in such a way that Vikram could channel his grit and hate in his unique way.

How his father’s mentality shaped the kind of person that he’s today?

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One of the major themes of mahaan portrays the troubled relationship between a father and a son. Mahaan must have suffered in his childhood due to his father’s high-headedness to living up to the standards of Gandhi. This had an opposite reaction that made him a rebel and a hardcore criminal. He might have passed this childhood trauma to his son Dada that is played by Dhruv.

Check out the teaser

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