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How to Effectively Fight Against Baldur in God of War?

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In God of War, players will find many formidable enemies and players must know how to conquer them. One such enemy is the strenuous and devilish Baldur.  At the very beginning, Baldur is introduced as a stranger in the storyline.

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Baldur is a guy who was spelt by Freya, by which, he can’t perceive any pain. Players will get to know his story more as the game progresses.

Players must know how the game upgrades work and how we can attack in the most worthwhile and spectacular way to annihilate our in-game vigorous adversaries.  

Use your AXE well


Your most utilitarian and powerful weapon in God of War is your ferocious Leviathan axe. To fully utilize your axe, you must upgrade it. Enhance your leviathan axe by using a frozen flame that you will get by beating certain enemies and to upgrade the blade of chaos you will need chaos flame. Use your special attack most of the time to be more threatening.

Focus on defense

You might know an attack is the best form of defence but sometimes you have to take a few steps back to be more effective for your next strike. Dodging Baldur’s attack is the easiest and simple way to win the fight. You can use your shield by pressing Q (Default) when Baldur is charging with a fist, and just slide or flip by pressing SPACE (Default) to dodge his second attack.

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Attack with patience

There will be three encounters with Baldur during the progression of the game, he is the strongest of all enemies (Considering Mighty Valkyrie Queen is not included in the main storyline). Use every tactic you grasps from your previous fight.

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Make sure to notice the enemy type while fighting, if the enemy is frozen then hit it with the blade of chaos and if the enemy is red, made of fire then hit it with a leviathan axe because it has frozen powers that can neutralize the enemy. Use the same stratagem against devilish Baldur to conquer him.  

If you want more game guides, stay tuned with us and let me know in the comment section, about which game you want more information on.

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