Saturday, May 28, 2022

YouTube Creators got this weird “ONE WORLD CRYPTOCURRENCY” hack. Covered this big news in 3 points below.

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Morning January 24, 2022, big youtube channels got hacked and a mystery video titled “One World Cryptocurrency” was posted across a number of major crypto/finance YouTube channels. The video appears to be a giveaway ruse.

“Cryptocurrency for the Whole World”

The one-minute ad promotes “One World Cryptocurrency,” a reportedly new BSC coin (Ticker: OWCY). It has a “contact address” as well as a “0.0001” pre-sale price (no unit of account was given).


It then mentions a variety of cryptos, including USDT, USDC, BNB, and ETH, through which “investors” are reportedly able to purchase the token. It promises that OWYC will be listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, both of which have yet to do so.

B232 update

Buyers of the new coin were given BSC and Ethereum addresses. So yet, neither address has brought in more than a few hundred dollars, according to BscScan and EtherScan.

Due to the secrecy and irreversibility that blockchain transactions enable, giveaway scams are common in the crypto industry. They’ve also become popular as ransomware attack tools due to these identical characteristics. Others have been significantly more profitable, with a $1.1 million scam involving a bogus Michael Saylor giveaway being one of the most recent.


Hackers targeted youtubers:

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On Sunday, hackers pitching a hoax named “Oneworld Cryptocurrency” hacked into the YouTube accounts of a number of crypto influencers.

Ivan on Tech, Boxmining, Aantonop, TheMoonCarl, Bitboy Crypto, MMcrypto, Altcoinbuzzio, Floyd Mayweather, CryptoBanter, and CoinmarketCap were among the YouTube crypto channels targeted by the hack.

The swindle comes as the crypto market has lost more than $2 trillion since December, with Bitcoin and Ether trading at $34,839 and $2,395, respectively.

Several Twitter users noticed that the film had emerged unexpectedly in their YouTube streams. Coin Bureau, a YouTuber with roughly 2 million subscribers who focuses on cryptocurrency, was one of them.


Is Youtube Serious About Channel Security?

The prospect of an assault has been highlighted on several of the vulnerable platforms. Even though some of us had implemented 2-factor authentication, it was insufficient to prevent the incident.

As a result, there are concerns about a suspected YouTube security breach that allowed the hack to occur. Aside from the scam films, other users have reported having a good time on the site.

One user, for example, claimed that during a live stream, YouTube suspended his account. Several platforms have reached out to YouTube to discuss the matter and prevent a repeat of this occurrence.

960x0 2

Furthermore, a large number of YouTube users have speculated on how the attack took place. It was made possible for some via a sim switch. An investigation into this theory revealed that it may not be correct. Gu claims that he would have to relinquish access to his phone in order for the exchange to be possible. None of this happened, though.

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