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pTron Force X11 Bluetooth Calling-Fitness Smartwatch Review: India’s Best Budget-friendly Calling Smartwatch

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pTron had launched its second smartwatch in India named pTron Force X11 on 16th January and one of its most amazing features is the Bluetooth Calling which allows a user to make and receive a phone call directly using Force X11 via a built-in mic & loudspeaker.

We have got our hands on the pTron Force X11 smartwatch and here we’ll share some of our thoughts on the smartwatch. We have been using the Force X11 for quite some time and we have some points to discuss.

The pTron Force X11 is priced at ₹2,949 on Amazon and is available in Black and Pink color options.

IMG 20220127 042831

Specifications of pTron Force X11

Audio & VideoYes with Bluetooth Calling
Sports Modes 24H Health monitoring (Blood Oxygen, Heart rate) with 7 Fitness Modes & Multi-activity tracker with IP68 water resistance
Connectivity typeBluetooth v5.0 with 10m range
Display & Battery 
Display240 x 280 Pixels, 1.7inch HD Color Display, 2.5D Curved Display with Metal Alloy Casing, Clear View, Touch Screen, Multiple Watch Faces
BatteryBuilt-in, Rechargeable Li-Polymer, Magnetic Charge
Working & Charge Time7 days working, 3 Hrs Charge with Magnetic charging clip

Design and Comfort

The pTron Force X11 smartwatch has a normal plastic build with an attractive metallic design at the side and a matte finish on the rest of the body. Focused on the new generation the company has provided a bigger 1.7-inch display with a slight 2.5D curved glass at the top.

IMG 20220127 042221

On the backside, it contains the sensors of the watch and the metallic charging terminal. Along with it, we get the branding beneath the sensors along with a speaker. Now coming to the side of the pTron Force X11 we get a dial knob which is multifunctional and a microphone that helps while calling directly with the smartwatch. After unboxing the product, we saw the smartwatch came with a replaceable black silicone strap attached with the body which is again a comfortable one.

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Overall the pTron Force X11 is comfortable to wear and has a decent dial size with a huge display which again gives a comfortable view of the smartwatch contents on the go. The fonts and UI of the smartwatch are unconditionally catchy for the eyes on daily usage. The smartwatch is sturdy and looks premium for its pricing.

Display and UI

As mentioned earlier, the pTron Force X11 comes with a 1.7-inch rectangular display size HD color 2.5D curved display with Metal Alloy casing with a resolution of 240 x 280 Pixels. The colors on the display look good and the text is sharp to read to on any kind of scenario, be it outdoor or indoor. The watch provides an ample amount of brightness and hence I had no problem viewing the screen outdoors under bright sunlight.

IMG 20220127 042917

The pTron Force X11 has a clean user interface and responsive touch which delivers smooth navigation and effortless control over the contents. The overall watch UI is very user-friendly.

All the applications within the smartwatch are easy to navigate. Swipe down for watch settings like brightness, call connectivity, and others. Swipe up for notification alerts, swipe right for various application pages, and swipe left for the watch menu which is displayed both in honeycomb and 9 square formats.


The pTron Force X11 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity covering a range of 10 meters. It connects to both Android and iPhone with its compatible app. The watch easily connects with its compatible application in no time. The smartwatch has two types of receivers- one for the watch (pTron Watch) and the other for its audio (pTron Audio). These two connect at the same time with a smartphone when Bluetooth is turned on.

After the watch is connected with the app, you will continue to receive notifications of incoming calls and other alerts at the very same time. The connectivity range of the watch is also good so even if you are far from your phone, it shall not fail to notify you with important calls and reminders.

Calling Features

The most valuable feature of the pTron Force X11 is its calling feature via an inbuilt microphone for voice reception during a call and an inbuilt speaker for hearing it. While clicking on the Call icon on the smartwatch we can see three options among which there is Call History, Dial Pad and Contact options.

IMG20220127043034 2

From the Da Fit app, one can add up to three contacts of yours that remain saved on your smartwatch itself. From the contacts, you can make calls directly when needed after pairing with your smartphone without touching the device.

pTron Force X11 has gone a step further by adding a dial-pad which helps to call any number without touching your phone. The number dialed from the dial-pad makes a call from the device connected to the watch in real-time. This helps the user to make any calls by dialing the number without saving in smartwatch contacts.

The Call History shows the last four dialed or called contacts or numbers from the phone and smartwatch both along with its dates. This helps to keep track of any particular contact in any situation.

While making a call via pTron Force X11 the UI of the smartwatch allows adjusting the volume of its speakers on the display along with the options of rejecting the call. You also get an option to reject and accept a call, when someone calls on your paired smartphone, from the watch.

Da Fit App

pTron Force X11 can be paired with both Android and iOS devices with its compatible app which is called ‘Da Fit’ app. When connected via a device we can get detailed data about the various functionalities of the watch in the Da Fit App such as the record of sleep time for a complete week, the heartbeat, BP and other health results, the number of calories lost during your last exercise session etc.

You get 5 inbuilt pre-installed watch faces with the fifth one being customizable with photos of your choice from the app. Another watch face can be changed as per your choice along with over 200 downloadable watch faces. You can also customize several features via the app which can not be altered from the watch as well.

Fitness Features

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, most people have restrained themselves from going to the gym and have started working out in their own homes. pTron Force X11 comes very handy with keeping track of the number of calories you want to burn each day or calculating the duration of your daily exercise time. It can even check your heart rate along with the blood oxygen level and others.

It has the functionalities to record the number of steps, duration, and pace during various outdoor activities and track various other activities like swimming, cycling, skipping, running etc. It has a total of 7 Fitness Modes instilled within it. Detailed information about each fitness mode can be obtained from its compatible app.

pTron Force X11 is both water and sweat resistive with an IP68 rating hence no need to worry about any sort of damage during your favorite training sessions. It can also accompany you during your swimming sessions. Still, it would have definitely been better if more sports modes would have been provided inside the watch.

Health Monitoring Features

pTron Force X11 comes with 24 hours of heath monitoring features which are extremely useful for tracking one’s crucial health parameters on a regular basis.

SpO2 Monitor: The smartwatch can be used to measure the blood oxygen level and the details of it can be viewed in the application. It takes just e few seconds to measure your blood oxygen level at any time anywhere without any hassle.

Blood Pressure Monitor: It can be used to measure our blood pressure and comes in handy in keeping a regular check over our blood pressure levels. It gives accurate results in a very short span of time and the details of it can be tracked in the application.

Heart Rate Monitor: It does give accurate results and can be worn all day long as it has 24 hours heart rate monitoring option but this can drain the battery quickly.

Sleep Monitoring: If you keep wearing your smartwatch while you are sleeping, it will provide the number of hours you have slept on the watch screen and in the application. You will also get detailed information regarding your sleep pattern in the form of curves and graphs which can help you monitor your sleep patterns well.

Drink Water Reminders: Staying hydrated is extremely necessary for all of us but most of the time, we tend to forget to drink an ample amount of water due to our busy and fast-paced lives. At this time, the watch comes very handy because it can work as a reminder to drink water after regular intervals which need to be set by the user in the Da Fit app.

Reminder to Move: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, our lifestyles have changed a lot from before and all of us are working from our homes. Due to this drastic change in our lifestyle, we tend to sit at one place and work for a prolonged period of time which is not at all good for our health. The smartwatch can be used as a reminder to move after fixed intervals of time.

Breathe Training and Stress Management: It can be used to monitor breathing rate and help in reducing stress and improving other vital capacities.

Notifications and Other Apps

pTron Force X11 can be used to receive real-time notifications of incoming calls or other apps from the smartphone-like text messages, notifications, etc. while connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. You can choose which notifications you want and which you don’t want by configuring the settings in the Da Fit App.


The smartwatch also has other features like it can monitor the weather, can be used to set up an alarm, can be used as a remote control for the music player in your phone and camera, and can be used as a stopwatch as well.

Battery Life and Charging

pTron Force X11 features a battery that can give you a proper 7 days around life and if used continuously will last over almost 5-6 days which is quite good. The battery life completely depends on its usage brightness levels and the frequency of connectivity. It comes with a dual pin magnetic charger and it grips quite well at the back of the watch. A full charge can be done from 0% to 100% in just 3 hours.

In The Box

  • Smartwatch (Dial and Strap)
  • Magmetic Charging Cable
  • Warrenty Card
  • User Manual
IMG 20220127 044729


In the budget segment smartwatches, pTron Force X11 is the only one that offers a true calling feature and you can also do a proper conference call without even touching your smartphone all from the beginning. This makes the pTron Force X11 a unique and must-have for any human being who loves wearing budget segment smartwatches and wants more features like calling from the watch itself.

IMG 20220127 044937

According to my daily usage, I can say that pTron Force X11 has undoubtedly impressed me with its features and smooth user interaction. On a daily basis usage, it helps me a lot to keep track of my health and workouts as well. Overall within a budget segment, pTron Force X11 is a must-pick for everyone.

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Design and Strap
Fitness and Health Features
Battery Life
Comfort & Usage
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pTron had launched its second smartwatch in India named pTron Force X11 on 16th January and one of its most amazing features is the Bluetooth Calling which allows a user to make and receive a phone call directly using Force X11 via a built-in mic...pTron Force X11 Bluetooth Calling-Fitness Smartwatch Review: India's Best Budget-friendly Calling Smartwatch

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