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Here’s all you need to know about Apex Legends Season 12

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Respawn Entertainment, the creators of Apex Legends, has revealed that Season 12 of the popular free-to-play video game will be released on February 8th. Season 12 will officially introduce Mad Maggie to the playable roster of Legends, under the title “Defiance,” like with previous seasons for the video game.

The new trailer, which is part of the wider “Stories from the Outlands” series focusing on Apex Legends history, reveals how Mad Maggie got involved with the Apex Games in the first place. Mad Maggie may be familiar to long-time players due to her former association with Fuse and her takeover of the map when he was first introduced. You can see the new trailer featuring Mad Maggie for yourself right here:

According to Respawn Entertainment, further information regarding Apex Legends’ next season, as well as its new playable character, will be released soon. If the upcoming season follows in the footsteps of the previous ones, expect some map tweaks or additions, as well as a new weapon and more information on Mad Maggie’s gear. And that’s to be expected; Respawn Entertainment has been doing a decent job lately of including something unexpected in major patches.


As previously stated, Apex Legends Season 12, dubbed “Defiance,” will debut on February 8th, with Mad Maggie as the game’s newest Legend. The most recent season of Apex Legends, “Escape,” is now available in the game.

The season introduced the new Legend Ash, as well as a slew of other modifications. Apex Legends is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Season 9 of the popular free-to-play video game appears to have abandoned the numbering system in favour of a single name, with “Defiance” being Season 12.

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