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The Best Action film of 2021 is now available on HBO Max

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Last year, many great films had been released and is containing such fun action flicks. It seems that one film that you may have been missed out about Nobody and it is based on such action n thriller featuring Better Call Soul’s Bob Odenkirk like a  simple family man who has been revealed about an entire lot more about the daughter’s favorite kitty cat bracelet and going to be missing. This film currently has such critics’ 84% scoring on Rotten Tomatoes after 274 reviews with 94% audience with the score after 274.

Nobody Trailer: Can We Really Accept Bob Odenkirk as John Wick? - Paste

Reviews and also with 94% audience scoring after the 2500+ reviews. Adam Barnhardt has given the film a 4 out of 5 and named Odenkirk “ a bonafide action star”. You still may not see anybody as you are in luck as it has been officially streami9ng on HBO Max.

Odenkirk wrote on Twitter, “ Looky here…NOBODY on HBO Max- and they got MR. SHOW, too,” It seems that Mr. Show with Bob and David become the sketch show Odenkirk had done with David Cross from 1995-1998.

Nobody release date, cast, trailer, plot - all about new action thriller |  Films | Entertainment |

Last year, Odenkirk said Nobody’s release and revealed the film that had been partially inspired by Atomic Blond.

Odenkirk explained, “ I thought a lot about Atomic Blonde actually and Charlize was so amazing in that movie,”: he also said, ” Our movie has a specific kind of character DNA. I think with that film in that. You know, she played an action hero who was amazingly skilled but also felt the pain when she got hurt. That great sequence in the middle where she’s fighting the guy in the apartment.

And by the way, the person she fights is Daniel  Bernhardt, maybe the best stunt actor in the world and he is the person who trained me for Nobody. But you can see the pain in their eyes. Hey are getting hurt as they fight and they are getting fatigued and that’s sort of something that has been missing from action films for a decade or two, which is that the hero really suffers. And I wanted to present that in our movie, Nobody.”

Bob Odenkirk hospitalised after collapsing on the set of Better Call Saul  Season 6 | PINKVILLA
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Odenkirk also added, “I wanted to play a guy who accrues that damage and who really is struggling  through the pain that he is feeling as it grows through the movie.”

According to him, “  The thing that’s different is, I  hope I play an action hero who was very uncertain. The great moment that Ilya Naishuller orchestrated in the bus where I say, ‘I’m gonna f-ck you up’. If I played it right, I played a look in my eyes that is not quite sure he is gonna succeed. But he is sort of  declaring  it as an intention.”

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