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“Our Flag Means Death”: Taika Waititi reveals the first trailer and images of the film

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HBO Max drops the official teaser of the film, ‘Our Flag Means Death’. It seems that we don’t need to hunt such a comedy series. Entertainment Weekly reveals the first look of Our Flag Means Death. It seems that this series will follow the bizarre that is larger than the true-life story of hoity-toity nobleman Stede Bonnet who was left the upper class with the eighteenth-century life that is behind while taking the decision to chase his lifelong dream to become a pirate while telling” follow your dreams”.

It seems that the aristocratic decision of man that was added the one. He also was traded the wife and also about family6 with the group of dirty and ill-equipped team members with them set out with the adventure of the lifetime.

Our Flag Means Death trailer reveals comedic side of piracy | SYFY WIRE

Our Flag Means Death: Plot

The new trailer also reveals a comedic take on the life of the marauder with the character of Darby, Bonnet also providing the rousing the speeches with the hope for inspiring the team of misfits for looking intimidating as enemy ships approach. He has also such intentions of ushering with the new kind of pirate and that will be very gentle and still looting and also destroying such rival buccaneers along the way. There are the opposites attract and Bonnet will eventually pair up with the world’s popular swashbuckler, Blackbeard for taking the seas together.

Our Flag Means Death, teaser trailer and photos from the Taika Waititi  series - Italian Post

On the topics, the showrunner David Jenkins says that the viewers also expect the series for having the feeling of a “workplace show in a strange environment” over that of such fixed action-adventure, a pirate show. It is featuring the role, Waititi is directing the premiere episode serving as the executive producer.

Taika Waititi's Blackbeard Revealed In Our Flag Means Death Trailer |  Ourflagmeansdeath

It seems that images released with the teaser also provide a look at the pirates in the series. We have seen a fancily dressed Darby in the role as Bonnet looking with nervous with a knife for shoving the face and also again with the helm of the ship and also it is holding onto the potted plant and also standing next to the character of Foad and also uses a quill for making a note in the giant book. The new image features  Jones with an eye-popping red suit with Armisen on her side. At last, we got a profile shot of Waititi’s Blackbeard into the distance.

Our Flag Means Death: Taika Waititi and Rhys Darby set sail as  swashbuckling pirates in new comedy series

Our Flag Means Death: Cast

This film is featuring Darby from Flight of the Conchords along with  Leslie Jones, Fred Armisen, Kristian Naim, and Nathan Foad. This film is mainly the collaboration between  Waititi and Foad.

Our Flag Means Death S01 - video Dailymotion

Our Flag Means Death: Release Date

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This release date has not yet been revealed.

Here is the trailer:

A big thanks for the source.

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