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How Does Trading Post New World Make Money?

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The trading post system in New World is similar to that found in most other MMORPGs, where players can buy from or sell to other players. There is a trading post in each settlement in the New World.

In the trading post, players can sell items they collected during their adventures, resulting in additional gold. Due to the lack of vendors in the New World, players can only earn money by trading posts.

Making Money Through Trading Post

Using the search bar, you can find items you want to purchase in the trading post. If you are looking for something specific, you can search within the item categories.


You can decide whether or not it is for you by using the buy and sell orders. You can figure out if the price is too high or too low for you. The right panel shows the lowest price that a player for an item has listed.

There is a significant price discrepancy between buying and selling orders. The players that sell craft for money set a price point for specific resources to earn profits. Trading post mechanics help combat this issue, especially for casual players who don’t spend a lot of time playing the game.

Sell and buy orders are processed immediately, so there is no need to wait around a trading post or settlement to receive them. You can do a lot in the game, including leveling up, completing quests, or gathering resources.

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Anytime there is a sale or a purchase, you will receive a notification. This notification will give you complete detail about the sale or purchase. Trading posts are separate and distinct from one another. In Cutlass Keys and Windward, it is possible to hold buy or sell orders simultaneously.

Markets for each settlement will differ from one another. Depending on other settlements, a particular resource may be available at a lower price. To maximize your profits or save some coins, you should check the prices on every settlement before buying or selling in bulk.

You can also switch manually from a settlement with poor prices to a settlement with better prices. You should follow this strategy when dealing with resources worth thousands of coins. There is no harm in proceeding as you wish if the difference is not large. Buying at the wrong price might not increase sales, so it’s best to play the market wisely.

Apart from trading posts, you can also buy gold for New World at an affordable rate if you want. The best place to purchase New World Gold is MMOPIXEL if you look for a reliable and safe website. If you purchase New World Gold, you can choose between different servers or countries. 

The MMOPIXEL makes it easier for people to buy New World coins. The best thing about MMOPIXEL is that it offers quite an affordable pricing. No matter what platform you choose, you can find a suitable server for your needs.

How to Place Buy Orders?

The process of placing a buy order can be challenging. There is a buy order for a specific resource that you will place, and you will leave it there. What if you’re adventuring outside of a settlement and wish to obtain the items?

In the case of a purchase order matching a sell order, you store the item in your storage shed rather than in inventory. Each settlement’s trading post is different, so the weight of the items is determined by how much storage space each settlement has.

You can only place a purchase order with a certain weight. It won’t be possible to buy a shed if it cannot hold the required amount. Thus, it is essential to maximize your shed’s storage space.

It can be possible for a settlement or town to lower its trading fees and increase its storage capacity so that traders can meet their demands. In this way, you can buy resources in bulk, allowing you to store more items.

In general, having around three to four settlements with great territorial rewards is highly recommended. Lower crafting fees, greater storage, and lower trading fees are rewards.

How to Place Sell Orders?

Browse through your inventory to find the items you would like to sell and place a sell order. If you receive coins for sale, the notification will only show a “+X coins” value, where X is the value of the coins you received.

You can see this anywhere and anytime. Perhaps you are not even aware of it. Having logged into the trading post, you will see your order history.

You should be aware that the price of resources that are in demand may fluctuate erratically. Buying resources in bulk is all it takes to spike prices.

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