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ESports Betting: Do’s and Don’ts for Success

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ESports has gained immense popularity these days. Every year, dozens of prestigious tournaments are held in various disciplines, and bookmakers are paying more and more attention to this area. For example, after BetWinner login, you will get access to bets on all major tournaments in the world of eSports.

If you want to become a serious eSports betting player, it is important to develop your own strategy. In addition to this strategy, it is important to avoid common mistakes that most players make.

Next, we will talk about the main steps that you need to take and what you don’t need to do for successful bets.

ESports Betting: What Will Lead You to Success?

To start making money on bets in such a popular area as eSports, you should pay attention to the following points:

Choose the Right Bookmaker

If you are serious about eSports betting, you should make sure that you use a bookmaker that will not take your profits. You need to choose a bookmaker with low margins to get the highest odds. Also, the bookmaker should not limit the players who win. This will allow you to place as many bets as you want. These are the basic requirements for any bookmaker.

Use the Staking Method

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In order to bet, you need money. It may seem simple, but taking care of your money is an important part of betting. The best way to optimize your bankroll is to use the staking method.

Do Your Research Before Betting

Bet on what you know. This may be one of the most obvious tips when talking about betting profits, but don’t forget it. The more you know about something, the higher the probability that your decisions will be more informed is.

These studies can be anything from focusing on specific games to focusing on specific teams and available markets. If you take the time to build up your knowledge, it will be easier for you to spot errors in bookmaker odds.

Use the Law of Information

Beginning players often underestimate the importance of information. As mentioned, by doing research on a particular game, team, or market, you can find out the right time to bet. However, if you have access to information that the bookmaker or other players do not, you will be one step ahead.

Team news is a great example of valuable information. Let’s say you know that the team will not play with its strong players and therefore has less chance of winning. By betting on their opponents in time, you will get the best odds, as the bookmaker will lower the odds later. If you do this consistently, you will make good profits in the long run.

Always Measure Success

It’s great to see positive results from your eSports betting, but if you don’t change your successes and failures, you won’t know what your long-term profit prospects are. Also, using closed odds is a great way to see how accurate even your losing bets are. If you lose, but constantly bet with higher odds than at the time the odds were closed by the bookmaker, then you are doing everything right. In this case, most likely, you did not have enough chance or luck to achieve your goals.

ESports Betting: Mistakes to Avoid

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We have already dealt with winning strategies. But it is also important to avoid the common mistakes that most players make. They include:

Betting on a Large Number of Games

If you study the staking method in developing an eSports betting strategy, you will realize that it is incredibly difficult to make a profit if you bet on every game. This is because you need to find coefficients that give a positive expected value. If you are betting to make money, you should bet only when the odds of winning are in your favor.

Bet On-Chain Logic

Team A beat team B, team B beat team C, so team A will beat team C. It doesn’t happen that way. You are ignoring key points of important information. There are many factors that can influence the outcome of any match. Players should avoid using chain tactics as part of their strategy, instead of acting on more reliable information.

Betting on Emotions

If you have ever read about the psychology of betting, you will know that betting based on emotions and personal feelings is not a good idea. Whether you give up the staking method due to a series of setbacks or not, betting on your favorite team without analyzing the odds will not bring you success. 


Can I Bet on eSports?

Undoubtedly yes. Due to the growing popularity of this direction, more and more bookmakers are adding eSports events to their lines.

What Do I Need to Win in eSports Betting?

For successful bets, you need to take into account several factors, including choosing a reliable bookmaker, analyzing information before betting, developing your own strategy, and others.

What Mistakes Should be Avoided When Betting on eSports?

First, it is worth discarding emotions and being guided only by logic. Also, do not bet on every match, but choose only where you have an advantage.

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