Saturday, January 29, 2022

Showa American is a new action RPG game coming to PlayStation and PC soon

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What happens when we arrive in the post-apocalyptic world? Will we be able to thrive differently? Are we all doomed to die at some point? Well, the story behind Showa American Story demonstrates that we do survive when we get there, but things change.

Choko, a girl who had lately been raised from the dead into this post-apocalyptic wasteland, is the protagonist of the game. Before the catastrophe, Japan used its economic might to buy out most of the United States, and a vast influx of Asian immigrants flooded the country. Soon later, the apocalypse occurs, the majority of the United States is destroyed, and zombies walk the streets with the shattered remains of civilization.

The game has also been updated with a new trailer to coincide with the Announcement. You can see it here, along with a complete gameplay breakdown.

On the surface, the game appears to operate similarly to Final Fantasy XV’s combat system (without assistance and the ability to choose which party member you control), providing you access to a wide range of weapons and weaponry as you explore the vast wastelands of America. Fans of the genre will like the gameplay, Which appears to be a very deep character action game.

Choko’s RV is also your home and upgrading station, as you can unlock abilities through various “Living Activities” with all types of resources obtained during exploration and fighting, such as new weapons, costumes, treasures, EXPS, and, last but not least, surprising nostalgic mini-games. As a result, it will be an ever-changing environment.

The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC versions of Showa American Story will be released. As of the time of publication, no release date has been announced;

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However, we’ll keep you updated as further information becomes available.

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