Monday, May 16, 2022

NVIDIA launches new AI-powered DLDSR

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The graphics giant NVIDIA has taken the advice of “Keep updating yourself” very seriously recently, as it is, the Green team has again introduced a new graphics feature in the form of DLDSR. The name might be odd but is in direct conjunction with the Dynamic Super Resolution or DSR that has been already available via NVIDIA’s Control panel for years now.

As NVIDIA states, this new AI-powered DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution technology) will be twice as efficient while still maintaining the same quality. So, effectively with DLSDR, in the game Prey, while the rendering has been done at 1620p resolution to make it more crisp and detailed.

Much like DLSS, this DLDSR feature will be exclusive to GeForce RTX owners, as it is powered by the Tensor Cores.

NVIDIA launches new AI-powered DLDSR

Advanced Freestyle Filters
Our January 14th Game Ready Driver updates the NVIDIA DSR feature with AI. DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution) renders a game at higher, more detailed resolution before intelligently shrinking the result back down to the resolution of your monitor. This downsampling method improves image quality by enhancing detail, smoothing edges, and reducing shimmering.

DLDSR improves upon DSR by adding an AI network that requires fewer input pixels, making the image quality of DLDSR 2.25X comparable to that of DSR 4X, but with higher performance. DLDSR works in most games on GeForce RTX GPUs, thanks to their Tensor Cores.

Now teaming up with the author of a popular tool called ReShade, NVIDIA will now be adding new custom ReShare FreeStyle filters into its GeForce Experience tool:

  • SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination), commonly known as the “Ray Tracing ReShade Filter” enhances lighting and shadows of your favorite titles to create a greater sense of depth and realism.
  • SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) emphasizes the appearance of shadows near the intersections of 3D objects, especially within dimly lit/indoor environments.
  • Dynamic DOF (Depth of Field) applies bokeh-style blur based on the proximity of objects within the scene giving your game a more cinematic suspenseful feel.
NVIDIA launches new AI-powered DLDSR
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So, with both DLDSR and SSRTGI combined, you can enjoy a remastered experience in classic games like Prey as shown in the promotions by NVIDIA.

All of these new features will be available in the upcoming GeForce Game Ready Driver update scheduled to be released on January 14th.

via Videocardz

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