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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rajat Jain, Co-Founder of Pataa Navigations tells us about how they are trying to change the confusing and outdated addressing system in our country

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Pataa Navigations is here to decode the confusing and outdated addressing system in our country.

Pataa gives your address a unique shortcode that makes sharing your location a whole lot easier! ‘Drop Pin’ on a precise block of 3 sq meters of the entrance of your home/ office/land, and share. You can type in your exact address and convert it to a shortcode unique to you and help people reach your doorstep without getting lost and confused.

The inbuilt Voice Recording feature allows you to explain the easiest route to your house while highlighting a few landmarks in your neighbourhood. No more angry calls from delivery agents.


Pataa makes use of pictures too. For example, upload the image of your building or a known landmark in your vicinity and make it easier for your visitor to locate your address.

Once you upload your address details onto the app, a single click helps you share your location via SMS. The best bit is that even people without the app access the address you shared with them.

Other than making it easier for visitors to locate your address, Pataa allows you to track their live location as well.

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In an exclusive interview with TechnoSports, Rajat Jain, Co-Founder of Pataa Navigations tells us about how they are trying to change the confusing and outdated addressing system in our country

We had a few questions for Rajat Jain to which he answered, as below:

How did the idea of Pataa come to your mind?

Hi. I’m Rajat Jain and have co-founded Pataa Navigations Pvt. Ltd. along with my brother, Mohit Jain. It was on one of our many travels that we identified this problem of unstructured and unnamed addresses in India. We realised that it was difficult to locate and share addresses. Apart from this, we observed that most people find it very frustrating to repeatedly explain an address to a visitor or delivery guy. Finding a global solution to this day-to-day issue, we built a team of software engineers and intellectuals who have created this amazing app Pataa. I’m proud to say we’re touching almost 7 million downloads in a short period of 7 months.

What are the services that Pataa offers and how can it make the navigation process simple?

With Pataa, you can create your personalized or customised short code like ^SINGH221, ^KUMAR100 by entering your address details once, record voice directions in your voice to your place from a close by landmark, create Pataa extensions which can be shared by each family member or office colleague on the same address. Some locations like campuses or gated communities might have special remarks for visitors, for e.g., basement parking, one way etc. The Pataa app allows the user to add these special remarks so that the visitor has prior information. The app also provides a live visitor tracking system which enables tracking of food and courier deliveries easy in real time.

The Co-Win button on Pataa App contains addresses, voice direction and photos of all vaccination centers of major cities of India. It has been a great help for people in reaching the vaccination centers in time for their slots.

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Do you plan to introduce drone deliveries in the future?

We’re excited about our upcoming project ‘Drone Delivery’. Pataa will provide the exact latitude and longitudinal coordinates which is the only language that drones understand. It is just impossible for a drone to read the layman language of worded addresses; for example- 17/3 Old Palasia, Indore. 80% addresses in India are landmark based and rarely have a geotag added to any address. We did not have a digital language of addressing till date. Pataa is the first language in the country which converts latitude-longitude into a personalised code which is easy to share, explain and now the language of the future that drones can understand.

The company aims to be the only service provider of Ad Pads in the country, which makes your digital address an added advantage. Pataa is also working on the technology to integrate supplementary details for drones like altitude which will give the drone the exact height and this can be facilitated by the NFC tags. (Near Field Communication Device built in the address pads)

On the B2B end, Pataa is already collaborating with E-commerce and delivery companies to have Pataa in their check-out address field and provide them with lat-long and other information required for drone deliveries. This will also ease customers to get rid of repeated long form filling and will reduce cart abandonment rates.

What is your future plan?

We aim to make the product global in the times to come. Pataa is constantly being updated to suit Indian ethnicity. 5 new languages are being added as of now and down the line 20 regional languages will be added in the app. Multilingual support is one of our endeavours in the scheme of expansion. Drone deliveries are in the pipeline. We’re coming up with Ad pads and are in talks with the concerned companies related to the same.

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About Rajat Jain, Co-Founder of Pataa Navigations

The brainchild of Rajat Jain & Mohit Jain, Pataa is a free to download mobile application that makes it easier for its users to share their addresses.

A graduate of B.Pharma, with an enterprising mind, Rajat is the one who drew up the blueprint of Pataa. He put down the specific features the application had to have and worked on building and getting Pataa out to the masses.

Mohit completed his Masters in Marketing from a university in the UK and retired back to work on Pataa with Rajat. His dynamic take on the idea of Pataa and his knowledge of what appeals to people made him lead the UX/UI vertical of the application.

Rajat has taken over the daily operations and product inception between the two, while Mohit heads the marketing, design and reach of the application.

This Indore-based startup’s core belief and value of leadership, development, and growth drive both its founders daily to improve and enhance the features in Pataa. As a result, the company has built an application that benefits individuals as well as organisations.

Pataa has been a boon to those living in smaller cities and neighbourhoods where tiny lanes and streets are still nameless, and delivery agents spend hours trying to locate the drop off spots.

Pataa has helped organisations save on their logistics costs and the resources spent on ensuring objects reach the right final location. In addition, it has helped tourists locate and reach places of interest and importance.

Through Pataa, farmers have been able to get easier access to loans and locate warehouses and buy or sell their lands.

While Pataa makes it easier for people to track and locate their destination address, it also has a feature that allows its users to track and get live updates of the people en route to their address.

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