Saturday, May 21, 2022

Razer’s Project Sophia will turn your desk into a science fiction Gaming Desk

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Razer is a very common name in the wild CES prototypes and CES 2022. The company also has revealed the new project Sophia concept that targets to build the entire modular desktop computer into the desk that also provides such looks like a Star Trek LCARS console restore the life. Razor also has such modular computer aspirations before.

It was their 2014’s Project Christine as a precursor to Project Sophia that is just imagined with the desktop tower that can be built out such easy swappable Jenga-like bricks. It has such 2020’s Tomahawk that has taken more practical responsibility on that concept and is based on  Intel’s Ethernet NUC designs.

Razer Project Sophia Integrates RTX 3080 Ti And Swappable Modules Into A  Desk - Lowyat.NET

It feels that the latest Project Sophia like Razer’s conceptual tendencies that have been turned to be 11. Now the desk has been designed to feature 13 different swappable modules and the user also is able to add with such wide range of different pieces: temperature readouts, touchscreen application launchers and also provide the dedicated chat and calendar displays with such wireless Qi chargers along with the mug heater, pen tablets, and audio mixers. It also gives CPU and GPU monitors, and more.


The streamer will be able to snap on more powerful speakers, microphones, and a camera for streaming with such extra displays for monitoring their followers chatting ad the video editor also could attach sound mixing and also editing modules for such focusing on work.

Razer's Project Sophia concept turns your desk into a modular computer -  The Verge

It has been imagined that for the PC part it can be built such custom and attached magnetically chassis that also can be easily removable for the users and also can swap out the other parts while they just get the latest  CPU or GPU The entire thing is mainly attached with the massive OLED panel on to the display of the game with best possible quality and definitely with Razer’s RGB Chroma lighting.

Razer Project Sophia is a configurable gaming desk and PC from the future

On the looking of the flashy Projects Sophia that has been rendered and also has a hard for imagining any of the other fate for the idea than Razer’s product graveyard along with such previous showcases just like 2014’s modular project Christine.

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It seems that the fairly standardized world of the ordinary PC is building such rife with such several specs for SSDs motherboard sockets, and also RAM.

This Razer’s CES concept is still very cool to see that the company wants to explore such great ideas like the futuristic  Project Sophia desk.

A big thanks for the source.

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