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Dell’s Concept Nyx is totally out-of-the-world concept for gamers

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This year at CES, Dell Technologies and Alienware have unveiled the Concept Nyx. It is a concept that spotlights the role edge computing could play – where high-performance game processing could be done in the home and shared across the local network. This means multiplayer latency could reach single-digit milliseconds to dramatically decrease any lag of modern-day cloud gaming systems.

Concept Nyx 12

All the gamers have to face one common and frustrating problem who are under one roof and literally competing to get access to their beloved titles and completely crushing Wi-Fi bandwidth. After that we are going to be aware of the medium; if you are playing on a PC and desire for a seamless switch to the TV then the concept is complete fantasy. If you think it then you may be wrong.

Dell Technology on Concept Nyx

Alienware always focuses on the future near and far and also focuses on the way that they can provide the best gaming experiences out of there. It is the reason behind their incredible stoked about solving potentially such biggest challenges in PC gaming and also doing some changes completely like how it will allow the players simultaneously in a household to get such easy access to their entire game library and also getting the ability to play on any device, even if they desire to change screens at the time of gameplay. Alienware is always stepping forward towards the solution.

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It is reported that an R&D project from the consortium of wizards is also popular for the experience Innovation Group (RIG). Now here comes The Concept Nyx solution regarding other audacious Alienware initiatives that just have been split the boundaries and just raise the PC gaming experience: from making their thinnest gaming laptops to date along with the Alienware X-Series for such bold gaming ideas like Concept UFO.

Concept Nyx 1

We are now just giving you a situation just imagine you are sitting on the desktop in your bedroom and playing Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 and your roommates are on the laptops and tablets in the living room, and fighting head to head in Rocket League. Your cousin is playing Minecraft and making a new world. Now it becomes dinner time and you come downstairs and also pass the controllers to one of your roommates and you can do some quick switch to your CyberPunk 2077 experience on your 65-inch TV in the living room and just take over exactly from where you had left off.

It seems that it will be the future of gaming. Do you think how it would be possible? Then we will aware you that Concept Nyx featuring the role edge computing could play from where such high-performance game processing can be done at home and also share into the local network, it might offer lower latency, bigger bandwidth and also more responsiveness and extremely solving some of the performance shortfalls with such recent alternatives just like Cloud Gaming. It indicates that the multiplayer latency could touch the single-digit milliseconds to decrease dramatically any lag of the latest cloud gaming systems.

Concept Nyx 14
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It is not the end as they have been looking for how to enhance the power of four-game streams simultaneously,  smart switching among devices, and drawing from the central library of all the games. Basically, gaming o Concept Nyx mainly targets to access your game effortlessly like your favorite music,  TV shows, and movies, more elaborately just think about a  simple app loaded on each of the devices and also supplying instant access to all of your games for the re seamless gaming experience across the devices in the home. It will be easy as the players can play the game without any hazards at home.

Alienware is always ready to take the challenge. They were just founded on a challenge, to manufacture the latest market for the high-end gaming PCs back while there was none. They are especially excited for that concept for the uniqueness of an idea and also for its potential in the gaming industry. They already imagine that this is appealing not only just the casual gamers but also to the nongamers. They are further developing Concept Nyx and aiming to utilize each step forward for the benefit of future products and raise the experience of the user.

Here is the video:

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