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Why is Ethereum outperforming BTC?

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Nothing might strike your mind but the head feeling protection whenever you think about cryptocurrencies. However, it is not the only remarkable thing about cryptocurrencies that you see in your everyday life. Many other things make cryptocurrencies very interesting and worth your time. Cryptocurrencies can make you rich overnight and have the capacity to make you poor overnight. It is all a game of actions that takes place in its

 prices. Also, due to the widespread use of coins like bitcoin by different institutions, it is evident that the future will be with cryptocurrency. However, there is a wedge of war between different cryptocurrencies in the market. The two most popular cryptocurrencies that you will come across on the internet are Ethereum and bitcoin. They are the most popular cryptocurrencies and can provide you with a high debt of returns.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoins have no opportunity to provide you with a tremendous rate of return. Click this review to know about the right platform to earn bitcoins. However, in the past few years, you have seen a remarkable increase in the trend of these cryptocurrencies. It is all because of the acceptance of bitcoins in the legal tender of El Salvador and some other factors. Also, some governments are concerned that cryptocurrency is taking over the Fiat currency because of the increasing trend. It is a fundamental concern for some nations because they are already lagging compared to other countries.

Recently, it has been recorded that Ethereum has been performing better than bitcoin, and it is becoming the new trend. Bitcoin has been struggling to reach back its average price after hitting the all-time price of $69,000 last month. After reaching its all-time highest price, it started to decline because of the emergence of the new omicron coronavirus. As we all know, nothing happens without some reason. There are also some very significant reasons because of which the second most popular coin has been outperforming the bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency across the globe. The data is according to the market capitalisation and not the growth it has been experiencing.


In 2020, Ethereum was the cryptocurrency outperforming bitcoin in the market. However, suppose you look at the two cryptocurrencies regarding market capitalisation. In that case, bitcoin is undoubtedly the best one, but if you look at the growth and stability, Ethereum is better than bitcoin. Therefore, you need to read down the reasons for Ethereum outperforming bitcoin. The important ones among them are as follows.

1. Platform

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We are not sure whether Blockchain came first or bitcoin came first. Satoshi Nakamoto, who created bitcoin, just stated that bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and therefore, we are not sure about the genesis of bitcoin technology. The dilemma is just like the chicken and egg theory. However, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and Ethereum is a platform. Ethereum Is a native token as well as it functions according to the Ethereum Blockchain. Bitcoin is a store of value and medium of exchange, while you can use Ethereum for Blockchain. More than 15,500 cryptocurrencies use the Ethereum platform to facilitate transactions faster than the Bitcoin Blockchain.

2. Energy

Power consumption is one of the most critical factors that ultimately differentiates Ethereum from bitcoin. Creating a cryptocurrency is highly energy-intensive, and the location matters a lot. Therefore, when differentiating bitcoin and Ethereum, we can never neglect the power factor. To mine bitcoin, there is a requirement of 707 kWh of energy. On the contrary, when it comes to meaning Italian, it requires only 62.56 kWh of energy. Due to the vast difference between the power consumption of both cryptocurrencies, Ethereum outperforms bitcoins.

3. Efficiency

Growth is also an essential determinant of efficiency and performance. According to the data, the market capitalization of bitcoins is $900 billion in 2021 but Ethereum was a little less than $456 billion. Also, the data available says that Ethereum’s market cap grew faster than the bitcoin market cap in 2021, which clearly states that it is outperforming bitcoin in every way possible. Therefore, it is a better investment option in comparison to bitcoin.

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