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The Telecom sector saw a big change as Reliance Jio entered the race! Read these 3 reasons to know the reason behind

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The Indian telecommunications business is the fastest-growing in the world, with enormous potential to serve people and room for improvement. Young people are becoming more knowledgeable about the telecom industry, and demand is at an all-time high. The telecom sector is extremely competitive, particularly now that Reliance Jio has entered the market. Almost everyone nowadays uses a mobile phone.

As a result, this industry has a strong demand, which is why all of the main service providers from across the world have entered it and a slew of new entrants are vying for a piece of the pie.

In India, the telecommunications industry also provides millions of jobs. The government also implements reformist and liberal policies in order to encourage investors to invest in this area in greater numbers.

Reliance With enormous amounts of data and voice use constraints, Jio Infocomm Ltd transformed the face of the industry. The time saw a massive increase in data usage and voice traffic, as well as a significant decrease in consumer telecom spending.

The figures are incredible. According to data compiled by Kotak Institutional Equities, data volumes increased by 4160 percent to 20.3 billion GB in the July-September 2019 period. This compares to the April-June 2016 period, which was right before Jio’s launch. Data use per client increased from 500 MB in 2016 to 10.6 GB last year.

According to data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s quarterly performance indicator reports, the number of data customers has doubled, and their percentage of the entire subscriber base has risen to 57 percent, up from 32 percent in June 2016. Customers who use 3G and 4G services now account for 52% of all subscribers, up from 14% three years ago.

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Jio’s Data demand in telecom industry:

Data subscribers have increased to 57 percent of total customers, up from 32 percent before to Jio, with the majority now using 4G services.

“Unlimited voice plans also unleashed the talkative Indian,” Kotak’s analysts continue, noting that voice usage per client has nearly doubled to approximately 700 minutes per month. The total amount of voice traffic increased by 110 percent to 2.4 trillion minutes.

Initially it charged less:

Since the debut of Reliance Jio’s services, customer net telecom spending has dropped by roughly 41%.

The industry, whose revenues and profits have dropped dramatically, has picked up the tab. Vodafone Idea Ltd has, unsurprisingly, suffered the most harm. Bharti Airtel Ltd has fared better, despite its profits plummeting.

In reality, Airtel recorded Rs3444 crore in earnings before interest and taxes in the June 2016 quarter, but a loss of about Rs1650 crore in the September 2019 quarter on a comparable basis (adjusted for a change in accounting standard this year). Meanwhile, despite having the worst capital burn in the sector and dismal return ratios, Reliance Jio has maintained a consistent increase in profits.

Mukesh Ambani on Reliance Jio digital life

Paying the bill:

The Ebitda of Bharti Airtel’s India mobile business has dropped by 60%, with losses at the Ebit level.

Meanwhile, the December 2019 quarter marks a turning point in the sector, with a tariff truce reached. In comparison to the previous three years, consumer spending and usage are projected to trend in the other direction. As a result, Airtel shares have climbed by roughly 30% in the last two months, indicating that the company’s fortunes are improving.

It will be interesting to see which proportion of customers raises their telecom spending and which proportion reduces their usage, as this will decide the industry’s future fortunes.

Concluding Words:

It is obvious that jio has turned the face of the entire telecom sector since it has entered the market, from introducing it by providing it for free to giving the best network coverage countrywide, Reliance Jio has come a long way. We could only hope that it continues to provide the same efficient facilities at reasonable prices in the future too.

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